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Committed to gender equality, economic empowerment and building global partnerships, Trailblazer Femme, a pan-African executive hub, is poised to push professional women of color towards career growth for impact. positive.

Founded by Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, a cutting-edge confidence and performance coach, and Dr. Bunmi Akinkugbe, a lifestyle and career coach, the team offers mentorship and coaching to help smart, ambitious women overcome their beliefs. limiting and boost their careers.

According to Ilevbare, the data showed that countries led by female presidents have handled the pandemic much better because women naturally demonstrate some critical skills needed. Women are setting a new standard for leadership, but despite this many are leaving the workplace – what is now known as the “pink pandemic”, a situation that had to be managed.

“There’s a common belief that professional women aren’t visible, they don’t have fun, they’re buried in work, they work for other people’s businesses, they juggle with the second shift at home and they are struggling to achieve their dreams in life. Therefore, we launched this initiative during the pandemic with a focus on professional women of color, as we begin to see a mass exodus of women from the workplace and in particular the unique challenges of this minority group.

She said companies that have committed to equalizing women at the C-suite level now face more challenges in retaining top employees and creating inclusive workplaces.

“We invite smart and ambitious female professionals from around the world, business leaders and CEOs of companies who are committed to gender equality on boards and accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion (EID) in organizations and the development of the best talented female managers in your organization.

“Whether it’s advancing to a leadership or board position, our thriving community, well-stocked virtual leadership and lifestyle library, executive coaching and courses are making a significant difference in your female leadership pipeline. We want companies to purchase annual membership packages and sponsor their outstanding female managers so they can strengthen their leadership pipeline.

One of the co-founders, Dr. Akinkugbe, noted that members benefit from monthly networking and power sessions where they exchange ideas, find accountability partners and motivate each other to achieve their goals. With Expert Fireside Chats, thought leaders and subject matter experts come to expand their capabilities. There are also annual career growth and life advancement conferences where members have access to special career and life events.

“In our first year, we authored a book called ‘Living Boldly’ with transformational content from members of our community and hosted two conferences with expert speakers. Our members got bigger and better jobs, relocated, started multiple impact projects and platforms. This year we have already started by pairing our members with thought leaders and experienced coaches around the world to prepare them for their best year ever. We will also launch community impact initiatives for young girls to increase economic empowerment and education. »

“We will also be launching our mobile app so that more users can have access to quality career development content and more coaching programs for job seekers, those looking to change careers or make job changes. more important careers.”

Regarding the impact of the initiative, Ilevbare pointed out that the number of women in STEM is increasing but remains well below 25% in the fields of AI, technology and future skills. Gender equality is a fundamental human right and every woman and girl deserves the right to dream beyond her current situation and contribute her God-given gifts and skills to the development of the nation and the global economy.

While Akinkugbe noted that several research studies show that managers, who take a proactive role as a DEI role model in the workplace and promote well-being and flexibility, increase employee engagement and performance. , lead to better business results and sustainability. These employees are less stressed, happier at work, less likely to leave organizations, and contribute positively to the communities in which they live.

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