What makes Caitlyn Jenner run?


Jenner’s first marriage fell apart. Jenner suggested when they were almost divorced and she learned Chrystie was pregnant with their second child Chrystie get an abortion. “My first reaction was that I didn’t want it,” Jenner said in a 1980 interview with Playboy. Cassandra Jenner was born that summer.

Three days after the divorce was finalized, Jenner married Linda Thompson, Elvis’ ex and one of the “Hee Haw Honeys” in “Hee Haw,” after meeting her at a celebrity tennis tournament. at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. She gave birth to Jenner’s third child five months later.

“She was very different from Chrystie,” Jenner said in a 1982 interview with Playgirl. “Chrystie was very dominant, tried to control me, belonged to NOW” – the National Organization for Women – “not that it was terrible…” Jenner continued, “It was just the way she tried to control me. control, and Linda was the opposite of that. She was a very warm, sensitive woman, and that struck me right away. Linda was much sweeter. For me, she was much more women. Jenner kept talking, ‘Now that’s a pretty big statement, but that’s how she treated her man, okay. She was much more submissive, she let me be more of the man. Jenner didn’t stop, “It’s not that women have to be submissive to be feminine. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but Linda is totally a woman, totally a lady.

In the same Playgirl interview, Jenner also discussed the Vietnam War. Jenner was not opposed on principle. I just didn’t want to serve.

“I never got involved in anti-war protests and all that other stuff,” Jenner said. “I raced at the 1972 Olympics and two weeks later I messed up my physique.

“Did they know you were an Olympic athlete? Asked the reporter.

“I never broached the subject,” Jenner replied with a smile. “I went out because I had a bad knee. Running didn’t bother at all and walking wasn’t a problem, but walk killed my knee, so I couldn’t get in. I could run in the Olympics, high jump and everything, but God, walking… ”

“How does that fit in with your all-American image?” “

“Who cares? I wasn’t trying to be all American. I was just trying to leave the service. I didn’t care about American at all. If i didn’t to have to take care of the service, why take care of it? My father was in the Fifth Ranger Battalion during World War II. He landed on D-Day. He was like a green beret of his day, and he said, “Don’t go! Stay outside if you can, kid, ”Jenner said with a laugh.

“I was very proud to have an American flag in my hand,” Jenner said of the victory lap scene before the medal ceremony in Montreal. “On the other hand, I didn’t really want the image of the all-American apple pie. I’m not quite that. I did not win the gold medal for the United States. I won it for me. Living in the United States gave me a great opportunity to grow up and do what I wanted with my life, and I accepted it. The government was not paying me. The Olympic committee did not help. I did everything myself. This medal is important because of what I accomplished. It wasn’t because our system is better than any other in the world. … The medal is in my house, not the White House.

Jenner’s second marriage also began to fail.

Like her predecessor, Jenner’s second wife struggled with emotional disconnection in their relationship, distance, and distraction. It just never seemed to be all there and whole. “After spending many hours with Elvis discussing religion and philosophy and the meaning of love and life, I definitely noticed that Bruce didn’t seem to engage on these topics in the same way,” Thompson would write in 2016. “That’s not to say that he was in any way superficial, just that he seemed to be more comfortable on the move.

As far as Jenner was still comfortable. In the ’80s, when offered an empty house, Jenner increasingly began to wear makeup, blouses and wigs, make VHS tapes, pose, read them, try to see the way she felt, wandering the parks in the dark in robes.

“I identify as a woman,” Jenner told Thompson, according to Thompson’s memoir, in early 1985, when their eldest son was three and a half years old and their youngest son was 18 months old. “As far back as I can remember, I looked in the mirror and saw a male image staring at me, where there should have been a female reflection. I have lived in the wrong skin, the wrong body, all of my life. It’s hell for me, and I really feel like I would like to move forward in the process of becoming a woman, the woman I’ve always been in.

Jenner has moved. Still doing commercials for London Fog and Ford with a bimonthly magazine called Better health and life for Bruce Jenner– and the speeches, up to $ 25,000 a pop, talking to IBM, talking to Future Farmers of America, talking to Boy Scouts, about “Finding the Champion inside”, while inside feeling like “a fraud” – Jenner stayed in a sheltered, six-acre Malibu rental and began the transition. Feminizing facial surgery and hormones. Atrocious electrolysis, one hair at a time, to get rid of the beard. Calm and lying on a table in tears.

“It’s what you get for being who you are,” Jenner thought with every sting, shot and burn. “Just take the pain. “

“It’s hard to be a legend. I find it hard to recognize myself. James Baldwin, the late writer and activist, said in an interview in 1987. “It is unbearable because time goes by and you are not your legend, but you are trapped in it.”


Unable to make the transition. Stopped in 1989. Could not finish. “The culture of celebrity does not look kindly on those who disappear. It’s often impossible to become relevant again once you’ve largely made yourself irrelevant, ”as Jenner would explain years later of the agony of having to share her life with an almost fictional character.

“Bruce still has earning potential. Bruce pays the bills. Bruce is tired of being alone and isolated and wonders if, as a trans woman, she would be even more alone and isolated, ”as Jenner put it. “I have to come back to the game. I have to once again establish Bruce as the dominant presence no matter how much I hate him.

Jenner met divorced Kris Kardashian in 1990 through a retired Los Angeles Dodger while on a celebrity fishing trip. Their first date started at a celebrity golf tournament. Weeks later, according to Kardashian’s memoir, they went to a private cocktail party for Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The following spring, they were married in the backyard of the Bel Air home of the president and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Jenner saw an opportunity with Kardashian. The feeling was very mutual.

Jenner had the gold medal in a sock drawer. Kardashian went to take it out.

“There should be Bruce Jenner clothing, Bruce Jenner exercise products, Bruce Jenner offers of endorsement, Bruce Jenner vitamin supplements,” she said.

The Kardashian-led fuss led to news about sunglasses and home aerobics equipment, the Power Trainer, the Super Step, the Stair Climber Plus, and it led to even more talk. The champion of “The Champion Within” gave a rah-rah conversation after a rah-rah conversation, according to Jenner’s memoir, while wearing a bra, tights and panties covered in a dark blue suit before rush upstairs to put on a wig and blouse and dress and do a plastic waistline and Krazy Glue facelift.

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