Sonali Kolhatkar

is currently the Racial Justice Editor at YES! Media and a writing fellow with Independent Media Institute. She was previously a weekly columnist for She is also the host and creator of Getting up with Sonali, a nationally broadcast television and radio show on Free Speech TV and dozens of independent and community radio stations. Sonali won first place at the Los Angeles Press Club Annual Awards for Best Election Commentary in 2016. She has also won numerous awards, including Best LA Press Club TV Host, and was also nominated for Best Radio Host. 4 years in a row. She is the author of Bloodstain Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords and the Propaganda of Silence, and the co-director of the non-profit group Afghan Women’s Mission. She holds an MA in Astronomy from the University of Hawaii and two undergraduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. She reflects on her professional career in her TEDx 2014 conference, “My journey from astrophysicist to radio host”. She can be contacted on