Virginia lawmaker introduces ban on transgender athletes

A Virginia lawmaker has introduced a measure to ban transgender athletes in the state through high school from competing on school sports teams compatible with their gender identity, building on less restrictive legislation that hasn’t moved forward. at the last meeting of the legislature.

Bill, that Del. Karen Greenhalgh, a Republican representing Virginia Beach, filed on Tuesday would amend an existing state law that requires students in public schools to undergo a physical examination to determine if they are “physically fit” for athletic competition to include an examination to determine the sex of a student assigned at birth.

The measure would also require school sports teams through college to be named based on “biological sex” rather than gender, although college-level athletes would not be subject to physical exams.

“Every interscholastic, intramural, or club sports team or sport sponsored by a public school that is specifically designated for ‘women‘, ‘women’, or ‘girls’…will not be open to any student whose biological sex is masculine,” the bill says. The measure does not include a similar provision for student-athletes designated female at birth.

Schools that defy the law and allow transgender women and girls to compete on women’s sports teams will be barred from interscholastic sports competitions, according to the bill, which also creates a cause of civil action for a school or student who “suffers harm” as the result of an offence.

Greenhalgh’s proposed measure also includes protections for students who fear retaliation from their school or athletic association if they report that a transgender athlete is competing in violation of the law.

Greenhalgh has not publicly commented on the bill and did not respond to a request for comment.

In an August interview with a local Virginia radio station, Greenhalgh condemned the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX, which would expand the definition of sex discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity, accusing the president of enforcing his “radical gender identity policies”. on students and schools.

The administration of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) introduced a list of new education policies in September that would restrict the restrooms transgender students are allowed to use at school and require parents to consent to their child changing nouns or pronouns at school.

The state’s proposed “model policies” sparked widespread outrage and motivated thousands of Virginia students to walk out of class in a coordinated protest just days after the policies were introduced.

Virginia’s General Assembly is scheduled to convene Jan. 12 for the 2023 legislative session. If Greenhalgh’s bill becomes law, Virginia would join more than a dozen other states in banning transgender athletes from competing. on sports teams that match their gender identity.

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