Turkish man Ibrahim Yucel locks his head in a cage to avoid smoking cigarettes [VIDEO]


A Turk promised his god, his late father and his wife to quit smoking, so he really had to quit! To make sure he would really keep his promise, Ibrahim Yucel, made a cage similar to a torture device that surrounds his head and ensures that he cannot smoke. Every morning, Yucel locks his head in the cage and gives the key to his wife then he will not give in to his work addiction.

Yucel, 42, is from Kutahya, Turkey, revealed he has been trying to quit smoking cigarettes since his father died of lung cancer. However, despite the death of his father, Yucel has smoked two packs a day for over 20 years.

After failing to quit repeatedly, Yucel got the idea to put his head in a cage after seeing a motorcycle helmet. He then used over 130 feet of copper wire to create the head cage, according to International Business Times.

In the trashvideo​ posted on Youtube, Yucel takes an oath to his family, Allah and the Quran to quit smoking. His wife admits that she was initially embarrassed by the idea, but now supports him because he is serious about the project.


New York Daily News reports that Yucel cannot smoke throughout the device, but he can see and breathe, while still being able to sip water and eat crackers throughout his work day.

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