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Hunter Schafer and Zendaya in Euphoria. (HBO)

After a painfully long wait, Euphoria season two has a confirmed release date and an exciting first trailer. Here’s everything we know about the new episodes.

Euphoria won applause and awards (including an Emmy for Best Actress for her lead role, Zendaya) after her debut run in 2019.

The series follows a group of teens struggling with difficult issues, including toxic relationships, substance abuse, and mental illness.

At the base are Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer), who struggle with an intermittent relationship as Rue tries to overcome drug addiction and Jules, who is trans, moves to town as a newcomer.

The first season ended with many unanswered questions, with a pair of special “bridge episodes” aired last year providing few answers. Here’s everything we know so far about Euphoria season two.

Euphoria Season Two Trailer Teases Rue’s Woes

On November 23, HBO released the first trailer for the new episodes. It all starts in Rue’s bedroom, where she dances and sings to Frank Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible”.

A quick montage of scenes follows, depicting parties, violence and chaos. Rue appears to be struggling with an addiction again and is seen running away from a police car.

What happened in the episodes of “bridge”?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many TV shows to stop production, and Euphoria was no exception. According to Hunter Schafer, season two was forced to end just three days before production began.

Instead of trying to film the new season in the middle of the lockdown, the producers of Euphoria chose to create two special episodes focused on Rue and Jules’s relationships and the characters’ state of mind.

The first episode, titled “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” followed Rue as she reflected on her recent relapse as she spent Christmas Eve with Ali, her mentor from Narcotics Anonymous, who shared her own experiences. with drug addiction and how it disrupted her relationship with her family.

The second episode, titled “F *** Someone Who’s Not a Sea Blob,” centered around Jules’ first therapy session after she left Rue at the end of the first season.

Jules spoke about the pressure of dating someone with drug addiction and explored the impact of his mother’s own addiction on her growth.

At the end of the second episode special, Rue paid Jules a surprise visit. Jules tried to apologize for leaving town, but Rue abruptly left and Jules found herself crying alone in her room, leaving fans on another cliffhanger.

Rue and Jules will they get back together?

In June 2021, Zendaya posted a short but cryptic teaser video on her Instagram, featuring Rue and Jules smiling at each other across the hallway from school, suggesting a possible reunion.

In a interview with Collider, Hunter Schafer said the first season left her with countless questions about what would happen to Jules and her relationship with Rue.

“I wanted to know how long Jules was planning to run away?” Is she severing ties with everyone and running free? Will all of this collapse on itself and she will come back? Is she okay? I definitely had a multitude of questions and I wondered what that meant for Rue and Jules. Can their relationship, whatever it be, withstand something more dramatic and intense like this? Also, how will Rue’s relapse affect them? “

Schafer hopes Jules and Rue can “find a happy frequency together” despite the tragedy and turmoil that has so far defined their relationship.

Schafer also expressed her joy at being able to portray a nuanced trans character: “As a queer trans person, I’m really excited to explore homosexuality as a trans person with Jules as well,” she said. Collider.

Euphoria season 2 will be “hard” and “adult”

In an interview with AND online, Zendaya said “it’s a tough season,” especially for her character, Rue. “It’s brutal, but a character like that, I think, really deserves this time and deserves these moments. I’m in the middle of it right now. Like, I had a night shoot until 2:30 pm last night, ”she told the outlet.

Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie on the show and recently starred in The white lotus, also commented on the new season while remaining discreet.

“It’s darker; it’s more intense ”, she said AND online. “I don’t want to say more without saying too much. “

She added, “I’m so excited and proud of the season so I can’t wait for everyone to see it and all the hard work everyone has put into it.”

Doniella Davy, the makeup artist responsible for euphoria eye-catching looks, revealed that the second season will have a “more adult” atmosphere. “A lot of time has passed. Everyone has grown a bit. We resume at the same place, but the world has changed a bit. The Euphoria world, just as our world has too, ”she said. CNN.

Tackle important social issues

Colman Domingo, who plays Ali, the Street sponsor of Narcotics Anonymous, shared his own theories about the seasons to come in an interview with Digital Spy.

Domingo suggested that Euphoria could explore the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, as he believes showrunner Sam Levison wants to explore important social issues. “Sam is very astute and interested in the world, and lets the show hold up a mirror in front of the company, deconstruct it and smash it on the head with a hammer,” Domingo said.

The Euphoria season will air on HBO on January 9, 2022.

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