The problem of transgender athletes can’t wait


People should support Elana Bildner’s recent statement regarding trans athletes as I do. She said, “Transgender youth, like all other youth, belong to our schools and our sports teams. The humanity, dignity and ability of transgender students to become full members of their school community should never be the subject of debate. ” It’s the law.

People should also support Title IX, which provides equal athletic opportunities for female athletes. It is also the law.

That being said, I have a few questions (but no solutions). First, can the rights granted to trans athletes coexist with the rights granted to female athletes under Title IX, without discrimination against either group?

Recently, Judge Chatigny dismissed the lawsuit brought by four female track athletes who claimed to be at a disadvantage in competing with the two transgender athletes. He said the question was moot because the two transgender athletes at the heart of this discussion have graduated. Judge Chatigny also said in his ruling: “There is no indication that Smith and Nicoletti (two of the athletes who filed the lawsuit) will face the competition of a transgender athlete in an ACIC sponsored event, even next season. . … If it turns out that a transgender student signs up to compete on the girls’ track next season, Smith and Nicoletti can file a new Title IX action with a motion for a preliminary injunction.

This brings me to my second question. Why wait? Start the discussions now. Find a resolution that will address all future issues and ensure that all athletes have an equal chance to compete on an equal basis.

Liz polzello


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