The great purge continues

Like Fresh Meat: Detailing Widespread Sexual Harassment in the Australian Parliament. “

That was the headline of the New York Times this week outlining the Gender Discrimination Commissioner‘s report on harassment and bullying in the Australian parliament. “A general report describes a cloistered, alcohol-fueled environment where powerful men have violated boundaries without control,” he continued.

typical bias New York Times report. And quite simply wrong.

Commissioner Kate Jenkins’ fictional investigation found that 61% of bullying was in fact committed by women. And there wasn’t much of a difference between the rates of sexual harassment for men and women – 42 percent of victims were women versus 32 percent of men. The vast majority of people (75 percent) who received the survey did not bother to respond. Only half of the self-selected people who participated said they had been bullied or harassed, and 1 percent said they had been sexually assaulted or attempted sexual assault.

As always, there is blatant data tampering. The survey used the broadest possible definition of sexual harassment, which included staring, prying and loitering, sexual jokes / comments, and repeated date invitations. The so-called “toxic parliamentary environment” covered incidents when people went to work or had drinks after work – away from the parliamentary workplace.

Pretty disappointing to only have a third of people report being harassed after throwing such a wide net, right?

Questions about sexual assault include events that participants “witnessed or heard” rather than personally experienced. The report cites the example of a woman claiming that an MP “grabbed me and stuck my tongue down my throat”. Unpleasant, undesirable behavior, indeed. But it’s a classic of the newly expanded definition of sexual assault used to create the rape crisis narrative. This is a far cry from the chilling story of Brittany Higgins being thrilled on the minister’s couch that led to Kate Jenkins’ latest mess.

All of this pantomime stems from Scott Morrison’s desperate attempt to “throw a bone to the dogs” after being savagely shaken by the feminist mob sparked by the Higgins story.

The media dutifully promotes Jenkins’ demand that all of his 28 recommendations be accepted in their entirety. We’re talking about very big demands here, like a new independent parliamentary committee on standards to oversee the rules of sexual misconduct. Seems familiar? Oh yes, this is yet another kangaroo court with the power to impose penalties on people found to have broken their rules.

And then there are the new quotas to achieve gender goals among parliamentarians, which are part of a “ten-year strategy to advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion”. What is the rationale for this leap in broader social engineering? The report simply claims that a lack of diversity contributes to a “boy’s club” culture, bullying, sexual harassment and assault. They utter the usual feminist mantra and it is considered a gospel.

Now the game continues, with the government heeding the report’s recommendations – a process it will try to drag out until the next election. The usual suspects in the media are already bleating that nothing is being done, and the opposition will use inaction to beat up the government. People everywhere know this is hogwash – a desperate attempt by a struggling government to keep the feminist mob at bay.

It reminds me of the famous Solzhenitsyn story that the audience at the conference of the Soviet Communist Party did not dare to be the first person to stop applauding after the speech in honor of Stalin. They cheered over and over, fearing that the first to stop would be sent to the Gulag – which is exactly what happened.

There are sinister echoes today in Australia to the world described by Solzhenitsyn, where people dare not challenge the ridiculous dogma promoted by the Party. Endless denunciations and show trials are used to warn of the risks of not siding with the pack. Groupspeak becomes the only safe option.

Watch this headline used for a article this week, reporting on a survey of attitudes towards gender equality in the workplace: “Survey reveals something insane half of Australian men believe.” The ‘crazy thing’ 50% of Australian men believe is that ‘reverse discrimination happens in the workplace, with women being promoted up the career ladder simply because of their gender’. How’s that for unbiased reporting? All of the major media covering the story have gone to great lengths to downplay the men’s experience. They know they have to keep applauding.

In the Australian this week Janet Albrechtsen exposed another astonishing example of our forced submission to false dogma. She wrote on a report from Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency, a thriving feminist propaganda unit receiving nearly $ 6 million in government funding annually. The Agency submitted a request for a review of the Gender Equality at Work Act 2012 which, according to Albrechtsen, provides enough evidence of “deceptive and deceptive conduct” to justify the government putting all of this to grazing.

Naturally, the agency’s submission was about the need to close the “gender pay gap” which, as usual, is blamed on men, oppression and discrimination.

As Albrechtsen points out, “A more honest analysis of the gender pay gap would indicate the economic consequence of aggregating all the differences that exist between men and women – their physiology, skills and interests. different, the different choices made in education and employment, how hard and how long they choose to work and under what conditions. As Christina Hoff Sommers to put he – ‘I want to close [the] pay gap? Step one: go from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering. ‘

Albrechtsen explains that the only way to close the gender pay gap is to pay women more than men, even though some women have less experience, skills and commitment in the workplace. “It means demanding privilege, not equality for women,” says Albrechtsen. It’s good to see that only one conservative voice has stopped applauding, but the media applause for this feminist invention continues.

The final week of this eventful year in Parliament included a very revealing moment where Green Senator Lidia Thorpe was forced to apologize for telling a Liberal Senator: ‘At least I’m keeping my legs shut’ during a debate in the Senate on disability. Apparently Thorpe was suggesting that it would have helped his colleague to avoid having a disabled child.

Can you imagine if a man would make such a remark? But Thorpe’s credentials of intersectionality are impeccable… She is one of the first Indigenous women in parliament and a survivor of domestic violence, so her violation of parliamentary boundaries will not have serious consequences.

Then came the show trial.

Education Minister Alan Tudge has been removed from his Cabinet post as the latest allegations from former employee Rachelle Miller are investigated. Miller is a married mother who admitted last November that four years ago she had a consensual affair with her boss – after the ABC show Four corners denounced their relationship.

Encouraged by feminist leftists eager to inflict maximum damage on the government just before the Christmas break, she released a new story claiming it was an abusive relationship. Miller says she had been drinking with Tudge, that she had found herself completely pissed off and naked in bed with him, unable even to remember if they had had sex. She claims to have been awakened by a phone call from a television producer for breakfast, but when she took the call, Tudge yelled at her and kicked her out of her bed.

That a married woman would choose to go public with such a story defies belief. “Isn’t she ashamed?” blurted out a friend – a thought that resonates across the country even as the complacent media recounts her gory story that she suffered from an ‘imbalance of power’. No one dares point out to the poor pet that this is what happens when you laugh at your boss.

Just as Stalin finally took off when his policies turned out to be disastrous, skepticism of the imposed feminist narrative is surely growing every day. We can only hope that sanity will return soon.

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