Study: Fresno, one of America’s top metros for equal pay

An employee works at Voltage Multipliers, an electronics manufacturer in Visalia, in this March 2021 file photo by Frank Lopez.

published on May 27, 2022 – 12:48
Written by the staff of The Business Journal

New study ranks Fresno among top three places with smallest gender pay gap in US

Fresno came in 3rd for equal pay in employment background check provider GoodHire’s study, with female workers earning 89% of the salary of their male counterparts.

The median income for men was $46,493 in the Fresno metro area, while the median income for women was $41,462. To achieve equal pay, women in Fresno would have to work 32 more days than their male counterparts.

The Los Angeles metro area was No. 1 on the list, with women earning 91% of what their male counterparts earn, followed by Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at No. 2 with 90%.

Of the top 5 cities for equal pay, Fresno did not report the lowest median incomes. In No. 4 Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla., men earn $2,565 less and women $2,351 less than in Fresno. For No. 5 Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., men earn $1,623 less and women $2,019 less than in Fresno.

The national comparative wage average was 81% — $54,323 for men and $44,220 for women.

Provo, Utah, ranked bottom of the list at No. 100, with women earning an average of 62% of men – $60,302 to $37,423. Provo women would have to work an additional 159 days to reach parity with men.

“One way to differentiate your organization from the competition is to prioritize pay equity as a business goal — and many companies are taking notice, according to GoodHire. “A recent salary survey showed that 66% of organizations plan a pay equity analysis in 2022, the first year that this type of initiative is planned by more than half of the organizations surveyed. The companies that offer equal pay are more effective at building a competitive workforce, resulting in many organizational benefits: demonstrating key values ​​to employees, attracting top talent, increasing motivation, improving retention, and aligning corporate social responsibilities. »

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