Strengthening human capital in South Asia by preventing child marriage

Technical Director, Prevention Collaboration, Professor of Gender and Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Lori Heise is Professor of Social Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), with a joint appointment to the School of Nursing. She has over 25 years of experience in the areas of gender equity, social change, and women’s economic and social empowerment. She is an internationally recognized expert on the causes and consequences of violence against women and is a co-investigator on “What Works to Prevent Violence”, a 6-year multi-million dollar project aimed at reducing violence. sexist (GBV) in low and middle income countries. Her current research focuses on preventing violence against women and children in the family, transforming gender norms and serving as technical director of Prevention Collaborative, a new global initiative designed to support programs. of evidence-based GBV prevention in the Global South.

Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, she was a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she was Research Director of STRIVE, a 6-country research collaboration dedicated to studying the structural factors of HIV, including inequalities. gender, stigma and criminalization, lack of livelihood options, alcohol use and harmful drinking norms. Earlier in her career, she co-founded and led two civil society organizations, one focused on SRHR and the other on women’s HIV prevention needs.

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