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BURNIE Mayor Steve Kons is outraged by recent actions by the Bob Brown Foundation protesters, who stopped at Burnie Wharf (The Examiner, September 11). He tries to denigrate their motivations, their social morals, and uses the tired and often repeated chant of “getting a job”. Its implication being that these people, who are ready to challenge the influence and power of the corporate world, and its destructive environmental practices, are somehow unworthy, unnecessary and dangerous members of our society. I seem to recall some pertinent questions raised about Cr Kons’ past activities when he was a parliamentarian. Wasn’t there a problem with the paperwork collected in a trash can? Is this just another pathetic example of the pot calling out the black kettle? Or maybe people in greenhouses shouldn’t? To allay hesitation about vaccination, the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group and health experts are supporting the provision of Pfizer vaccines to Australians over the age of 60. In the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and now Queensland more than 60 cohorts have the choice of Pfizer or AstraZeneca, including walk-in visits to community vaccination centers in Queensland. Is the Tasmanian government languishing in an isolated, self-congratulating vaccination rate paradigm, or is it acting in the interests of public health and freedom of choice for every Tasmanian? IN my 70 years of tennis involvement, I can’t remember a more exciting time in world women’s tennis, with two inferior but incredible teenage girls, England’s Emma Raducanu and Canadian Leylah Fernandez. fighting in the US Open women’s singles final. OK, the next day a guy named Djokovic would play for the chance to break the record for most men’s singles “slam” titles won, but that gave a “rat” about it. The tournament and the attention of the tennis world belonged to these two super young players. Raducanu became the first qualifier, male or female, to win a slam singles title and Fernadez, arguably the shortest of all players in the tournament, made up for that with incredible power on her shots on the ground and took it down. supported. with a great touch on the fly and dropshot. Only time will tell if these two incredible players will become little more than “shooting stars” in the game or become “permanents” like Serena Williams and Margaret Court. Maybe when they take on world number one and ours, Ash Barty, in upcoming games that could give some indication of that score. An added bonus for wheelchair tennis observers is that they don’t need to turn the volume down for Fenandez and Raducanu, as they are both “non-criers”. May they have long careers for this reason alone. I WONDERED if Richard Hill was aware of the irony (The Examiner, September 12) titled “Our Christian Qualities.” While I appreciate the value and value of his description of Christian qualities, his concluding statement “Scott Morrison is none of these” seems to me to run counter to the central and essential Christian quality, not not judge. I have no doubts that, given all of the circumstances surrounding her unselected birth, everyone is doing their best, including Richard. Einstein was not a Christian and he did not believe in free will, except for this one choice, “everyone has two choices.” We are either full of love or full of fear. Love does not condemn. Love recognizes that we are all the same, except for that unique choice lying hidden deep in every heart behind the veil of the ubiquitous fear driven ego. As a Christian, I ask myself, “What would Jesus do”? Personally, I have seen more of Jesus (someone who regularly offended the holiest one than you), in the words and actions of unbelievers, than in Christian soldiers. Regardless of our beliefs, we must seriously listen to those who serially offend the holier faith in us all than you. It is only when the good and humble more holy than you, soldiers ahead (including Christians), stop playing their God that there will be a real chance for peace on Earth. Thank goodness for Cassy O’Connor. I AGREE with Senator Claire Chandler. Trans women are not women, they are men and have a masculine physiology. Medicalization and surgery do not change this (although, according to the legislation, none of this is required). When the Commonwealth Gender Discrimination Act was amended in 2013 to include gender identity, it was clear that the intention was never to include men in women’s sport, as an exemption was specifically included in the law. The Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act clearly does not view trans women as women as much as Charlie Burton would like. There are many opportunities for those who identify as the other sex to participate in social sport (including mixed sex) without forcing single-sex female sport.




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