Schools of transphobic comedians on how to ‘make a funny trans prank’

Sam Morril during his Same Time Tomorrow comedy special. (Sam Morrill/Twitter)

Comedian Sam Morril proved that trans jokes can actually be funny without hitting on his new stand-up show.

A clip comedian making witty remarks on various topics surrounding the trans community has surfaced on social media just days after the September 1 release date of his comedy special Same time tomorrow.

Morrl explored these questions in a conversation between himself and another guy about a trans person they both knew. During the chat, they talked about trans people in sports, the idea of ​​“passing off” as a trans person, and hilarious jabs at the idea of ​​his friend having a daughter.

“I was talking to a guy about a trans person that we both know, and he said, ‘I fully support him, I mean, I’m going to play along,'” Morril said at the start of his segment. “I said, ‘I don’t think that’s what they want. I don’t think you score a lot of points by approaching a trans person and saying, “Of course!” If you say so! Honey, come here, this one is believable, it’s crazy!”

The comic also discussed the anonymous person’s objection to the inclusion of trans swimmer Lia Thomas in elite swimming competitions – which has since been overruled by policies created by swimming’s governing body FINA elite.

“He said, ‘That’s messed up man, there must be an asterisk next to those wins’ and I said, ‘I’m calling bullshit’, he said ‘exactly’ and I I said ‘no, that you care about women swimming,’ Morril continued over the laughter of the audience. “I’ve known you for quite a while, I’ve never heard you talk about it!”

The icing on the comedy cake, however, was his ending line after talking about this person’s hypothetical daughter oppressed by trans inclusion in swimming. After throwing several jabs at the guy’s ability to get a date, he said: “He was screwed, he said, ‘it could happen, I never wear a condom!’ I said, ‘you never wear condoms and you don’t have children?’

“‘It’s a shame your cum isn’t a trans woman, he could swim!'” Morril added to applause.

Several community members took the opportunity to praise Morril for his ability as a cis man to tell jokes about trans people that weren’t at their expense.

“Condemn. It was really fun and it didn’t even attack trans women,” says the user. “Huh, I’m so used to comedians being hateful it’s weird this one isn’t to the detriment [of] the trans community.

Stand-up comedy has become a particularly tense place for trans people lately, with various ‘anti-awakening’ comedians creating a hostile environment that generates animosity for people who don’t find their jokes funny and offensive. others who find them offensive.

Self-styled comedian Dave Chappelle has found himself in hot water multiple times after some of his most recent specials, including The closest and sticks and stones, makes jokes at the expense of trans people.

“I’m not saying that to say that trans women aren’t women, I’m just saying that those pussies they have… You know what I mean?” he said during Netflix The closest. “I’m not saying it’s not pussy, but it’s beyond pussy or impossible pussy. It tastes like pussy, but that’s not quite what it is, is it? »

After facing criticism from the set, he aired his grievances towards groups he called “instruments of oppression” in a Netflix release named What’s in a name. The short clip detailed a speech he gave in June at a ceremony in Washington DC at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts after a since-refused offer to name the school’s new theater after him.

“I said to the kids, I’m going ‘well, OK, well, what do you think I did wrong? And a line formed. These kids said it all about the genre, and this and that and the other, but they said nothing about the art,” Chappelle said, while professing that the critics removed the “artistic nuance” from his words.

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