SBS language | 2021: Political pandemic and the fight for gender equality

A fight for justice for women shaped the political year. It was sparked by Australian of the Year Grace Tame, former political staffer Brittany Higgins and countless others. Thousands of people have gathered on the lawns of Parliament and across the country to demand gender equality.

In May, the government released its budget. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg celebrates signs of economic recovery

And the fact that Australia is now recovering strongly, ahead of the world pack, is something we can all know that the Australian people have helped to achieve. “

Meanwhile, tensions around the slow rollout of the vaccine were reaching a crescendo. Scott Morrison has been put on the defensive.

“Our immunization program had some challenges in the beginning. But so are the immunization programs of almost every country in the world today. Right now in Australia, we live in a different way from the rest of the world.”

The race to evacuate the Afghan capital Kabul began quickly, after it fell to the Taliban. Many Afghan nationals who assisted the Australian forces found themselves stranded. Luke Gosling of Labor was disappointed with the response.

“Up to 1,200 people had to wait outside Kabul airport, left in the sewers, were turned back.”

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