Rockefeller partners with CBN for women’s financial inclusion

A non-profit group, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, has called for concerted efforts to close the gender gap in access to financial services in Nigeria.

In a webinar hosted by the Gender Center of Excellence, the civic group said ensuring women’s financial inclusion requires far-reaching institutional reforms that put gender equality at the forefront.

The group said individuals and institutions are changing and recognizing that prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination exist and have negative impacts on overall development as individuals and society.

The webinar, which took place to mark this year’s International Women‘s Day, was organized in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access, Lagos Business School and Women’s World Banking.

The webinar featured contributions from key experts from different sectors who presented proposals on how to address the systemic biases that exist within individuals and the financial services industry.

Gender manager, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Loise Maina, said there was a need for an integrated approach because the “one size fits all approach” might not work given the various dynamics at play.

According to Emezino Afiegbe, Senior Relationship Manager, Women’s World Banking, there is a need for leadership imperatives that promote equal participation of women and men in critical sectors.

EFInA Chief Executive Ashely Immanuel said there should be an enabling environment for women-led MSMEs and the knowledge capital needed to overcome barriers to accessing and using financial services. formal.

Associate Dean and Professor of Information Systems, Lagos Business School, Olayinka David-West, highlighted the need to support women in higher roles through workplace training and mentorship programs, and to the use of positive role models.

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