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The Tory leadership candidate has hit out at those pushing anti-British propaganda and has pledged to stop campaigners from toppling statues because they are deemed offensive.

Mr Sunak, the outsider in the race to replace Boris Johnson, will use a speech today to attack the ‘woke nonsense’ infecting British society.

Addressing supporters in West Sussex, he is expected to outline his plan to ensure ‘mothers’ and ‘wives’ are not erased from public life.

He will also explain how a government led by Sunak will protect children from inappropriate material at school and protect freedom of expression.

Mr Sunak, who was campaigning in Kent yesterday, will promise to review the Equality Act if he becomes Prime Minister. He is expected to tell his West Sussex supporters: “I promised to protect the green belt because we need to save Britain’s natural heritage.”

“But I have another promise to you. My government will also protect our common cultural, historical and philosophical heritage.”

“Because what’s the point of stopping the bulldozers in the greenbelt if left-wing agitators are allowed to take a bulldozer on our history, our traditions and our core values?”

‘Whether it’s tearing down statues of historical figures, replacing the school curriculum with anti-British propaganda or rewriting the English language so we can’t even use words like ‘man’,’ wife’ or ‘mother’ without being told that we are offending anyone.”

Boris Johnson’s government has already started taking action to curb ‘cancellation culture’ after calling for the removal of the Churchill statue in central London and other historic landmarks over their links to Britain’s imperial past.

More than a dozen schools and universities have renamed or renamed buildings following anti-racism protests that were sparked by the 2020 US police killing in Minneapolis of George Floyd.

Mr Sunak says Labor is also to blame for the rise of ‘revivalism’ in the UK.

He will add: “We are not the aggressors, we have no interest in waging a so-called culture war.”

“But we are determined to end the brainwashing, the vandalism and the accusations.”

“Too often, existing legislation is used to engage in social engineering that no one has consented to.

‘The worst offender in this respect is the Equality Act 2010, designed during the scorching days of the last Labor government.’

“He is a Trojan horse that has allowed all sorts of woke nonsense to permeate public life. This must stop.”

“My government would review the law to ensure that we maintain legitimate protections while stopping mission creep.”

“Our laws must protect free speech, prevent biological men from competing in women’s sport, and ensure children are allowed to be children.”

Mr Sunak wants to ensure that transgender and gender non-conforming people can live freely, free from abuse and discrimination.

Her campaign team said: “But we must also protect gender-based rights. Rishi will ensure that ‘mothers’ and ‘women’ are not erased from public life, will ensure that sports and women’s services are protected and will clarify that self-identification does not have the force of law.”

“Rishi will ensure that the EqualityAct makes it clear that sex means biological sex.”

“And we will apply the same clarity to any laws that refer to mothers and fathers, or pregnancy and gender discrimination, or that protect people’s bodily privacy and dignity, such as during a search by the police.”

“This will ensure that gender recognition law protects a trans person’s privacy without destroying protections for women and girls.”

“By clarifying that sex means biological sex in the Equality Act, Rishi will reassure service providers that they can and should provide sports and services to women – from showers and changing rooms to shelters for women – simply on the basis of sex.

“There has been too much misinformation about the Equality Act 2010.”

“We will produce clear guidelines explaining that male and female, male and female mean biological sex.”

“Government departments and schools should stick to the definition of law and biology, and not promote the idea that the law is old-fashioned and can be ignored, or that ‘self-identification’ has strength of law.”

“Rishi will ensure that the Equality Act means biological sex” “We cannot allow agitators to destroy our history and traditions”

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