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Republicans insist that Hurricane Ian disaster not be politicized, then keep politicizing it, jumping all over Vice President Kamala Harris’ comments that disaster relief should be distributed “equitably” and accusing her of using disaster relief funds “to address accounts”. All of this gives Marjorie Taylor Greene another chance to market her money-making “White Lives Matter” t-shirts.

They finally figured out how to silence the former guy. Sit him down for a deposition and you’ll only hear crickets.

We need more Republicans in the House and Senate if we are ever going to get out of this mess created by Joe and the Democrats over the last year and a half. We need to have more honest people in DC!

Republicans have an interest in keeping nonviolent offenders in jail for minor offensess because they have an interest in for-profit prisons. All the while, gangsters destroying our country and with ties to transnational criminal syndicates roam the streets due to pardons.

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Christian Walker, son of Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, has called his father a liar. His father did not deny the accusation. If Herschel Walker becomes a senator from Georgia, he will join a growing number of politicians who have come to power despite serious character flaws. More damaging, I believe, is the message that Georgian voters will send to every son or daughter of our country. This message is that a father can pay little or no attention to his children, lie constantly, disrespect women, deny everything and still get a seat in the Senate. Republicans believe that this country is on the wrong track. Did they look in the mirror? And guess what, we lead our children down that same path. Our children are influenced by what seems to work. They should never be given the impression that negligence of their children, hypocrisy and lies can lead to success!

I hope Quickly will print this question: when will a local reporter and news source ask every local Republican running for office if they think the 2020 election was stolen? I have a feeling that almost everyone won’t speak out against Trump’s Stop the Steal. They’ll wiggle around, at best.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, two unhinged autocrats, are both in their own la-la world. Neither listens to criticism. The two backed into a corner. One tries to control the press, the other to denigrate it. Both are consumed by their inflated egos. Both manipulate crowds. Meanwhile, Vladimir aggravates Russia; Trump is making America worse. Give a little more time. Both, like Humpty Dumpty, will make a great fall.

It’s not too far from the midpoint of Biden’s presidency. So far, how many White House cabinet members, advisers or staff have been forced to resign due to incompetence, conflicts of interest or accusations of insider trading? None? As usual, Biden is well behind Trump’s record. Trump couldn’t even keep his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for a month, and Reince Priebus, his first chief of staff, had the shortest term in office in American history. And then of course came Jeff Sessions, Tom Price and Ryan Zinke – all of whom were either fired or forced to resign in disgrace. And those are just the highlights.

There are no longer two political parties in America. We have democrats who believe in legal elections, democracy and the rule of law. Then we have a cult where 90% of elected Republicans believe an election lie. Their leader, a proven habitual liar, is their guy in 2024. They have Senate and House candidates under investigation for child and spousal abuse, voter fraud, and tax evasion. They are also election deniers, women’s rights deniers and habitual liars who run for all government positions. On November 3, the future of our democracy as we know it hangs in the balance. Vote wisely as if your future depends on it, because it does.

Tom Brady thinks one more year of football was worth his marriage. He must have gotten this idea from his golfer buddy Donald Trump.


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