Proposal to give young adults the full minimum wage instead of a reduced rate

Young adults will get the full minimum wage instead of a reduced rate of just 70% under a new People Before Profit/Solidarity proposal.

The left-wing Dáil group believes that the minimum wage alone is not enough, at €10.50 an hour.

But they say it is “completely discriminatory” that young adults working full time in the labor market are paid even less.

The bill, the National Minimum Wage (Equal Pay for Young Workers) Bill 2021, removes discrimination against 16-20 year olds who do not earn the same rate of minimum wage as their elders .

The bill would allow everyone who earns the minimum wage to receive 100% of it, regardless of age.

Since January 1, 2022, the national minimum wage is €10.50 for those aged 20 and over, those under 18 are €7.35 (70%), those aged 18 are €8.40 (80%), 19 year olds are €9.45 (90%). Ireland also has the highest rate in Europe of people aged 18-29 earning the minimum wage at 41%.

Paul Murphy TD proposed the Bill to the Dáil on Tuesday afternoon.

Before that, he fielded questions about the Dáil Plinth journalists’ bill.

He said: “Last week the Dail unanimously condemned the cut in the minimum wage for under-20s as ‘blatant discrimination against young people’.

“This week People Before Profit is introducing our Equal Pay for Young Workers Bill to end this discrimination once and for all.

“The minimum wage in this country is already too low, allowing wages as low as €7.35 is a disgrace.

“Our bill would directly raise wages for more than 10,000 young workers earning less than minimum wage, but it would also help raise the floor for all workers, defying the race to the bottom.”

The government will not oppose this bill.

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