Police lieutenant in midfield alleges race and gender discrimination in city lawsuit

MIDFIELD, Alabama (WIAT) – A lieutenant with the Midfield Police Department filed a complaint alleging the city discriminated against her on the basis of her gender and race.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Lt. Donna Logan, a 15-year veteran of the Midfield Police Department, claimed the town had violated civil rights law by discriminating against her after committing complained that she “was having trouble supervising white police officers.”

Logan’s claims are described in the lawsuit and a related complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is responsible for enforcing federal discrimination laws.

In the EEOC complaint, Logan said officers “will speak directly to Chief Jessie Bell (Black) and totally ignore my authority.”

She also said her access to the ministry’s payroll system had been revoked.

“The white sergeants under my authority have the code to access the pay system and they have been told not to give it to me,” the EEOC complaint said. “I complained about the unfair treatment, but nothing was done to correct it.”

In a notice signed Sept. 7, the EEOC said it “would not continue its investigation” but added that the ruling “does not mean the claims have no merit.” This notice informed Logan of his right to pursue his claims within 90 days of receiving the letter from the EEOC.

In the federal lawsuit she filed earlier this month, Logan said her work environment changed once Jesse Bell was promoted to chief of police.

“Once Jesse Bell was promoted, I was not allowed to do my job,” the lawsuit said.

Logan’s lawsuit alleges that in July 2020, a meeting was held with Midfield Mayor Gary Richardson, a city councilor and the Police Department over the issues.

“Everyone at the meeting was informed that these practices would cease and that they would inform the mayor if they continued,” the lawsuit said.

Logan said she called the mayor the following week “because nothing has changed.”

“The mayor said he was attached and would call me back,” the prosecution said.

Logan said that instead of receiving a reminder from the mayor, she was called into the police chief’s office.

“I am now in retaliation [against] and my tasks are being changed, ”Logan said in the suit.

When contacted for comment, Logan told CBS 42 that she is currently on medical leave and will not comment on the lawsuit at this time.

Chief Bell said on Tuesday he had yet to receive a copy of the lawsuit and would not comment on Logan’s allegations.

CBS 42 made multiple attempts to contact Richardson and City Attorney David Sullivan for comment, but received no response on Tuesday evening.

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