Nasdaq Announces United Nations HeForShe Partnership, Aiming to Accelerate Gender Equality

RRecently, Nasdaq partnered with the UN’s HeForShe initiative, pledging to join the movement to advance gender equality around the world. Nasdaq’s John Zecca, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer of Nasdaq, will be our HeForShe Champion, representing Nasdaq at the HeForShe Summit and spearheading our efforts, including the launch of our Recruitment Planning and Board composition to increase board diversity and continued support of our focus groups.

Gender equality is still more than a century away, according to the World Economic Forum. Today, more than 90% of all Fortune 500 heads of state and CEOs still identify as men. At the current rate, it will take 136 years to achieve gender equality in the world.

HeForShe is an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible and united force to accelerate gender equality. HeForShe is a unique initiative because the men of HeForShe are not on the sidelines, they are actively engaged in creating a more equal workplace.

The active engagement of male allies is essential to gender equality. In a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review, 96% of organizations saw progress in gender equality when men were deliberately engaged in women’s inclusion programs. In contrast, only 30% of organizations saw progress when men were not engaged.

Therefore, each HeForShe Champion makes a bold and transformative political commitment to address gender inequality and become a public advocate to address it.

Champions are meant to help:

  • Generating Solutions for Gender Equality
  • Transforming corporate and social norms
  • Become an executive role model
  • Investing in the Decade of Action

Representing the Nasdaq, John Zecca, joins HeForShe to jointly achieve these goals: “The alliance of men is essential to the success of a company’s efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion, the retention of female talent and the general sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace. “, said Zecca.

Nasdaq’s commitment involves our continued support of our focus groups, which encompass our philanthropic community outreach, corporate sustainability, and employee volunteerism programs that leverage Nasdaq’s unique place at the center of the creation of capital, markets and technology.

In addition, Nasdaq Corporate Platforms recently launched the Board Recruitment and Composition Planning Initiative, which builds relationships with multiple organizations to support Nasdaq-listed companies in their search for highly qualified, diverse and board ready.

Additionally, Nasdaq also demonstrated its commitment to the equity and advancement of women with our recent launch of Accelerate(her), a development program for high-potential women looking to grow their career.

But Zecca doesn’t just believe in accelerating gender equality through policy work, he also believes in ownership, promoting gender equality within his own department. Her business unit is 48% women, 49% of whom identify as an underrepresented minority.

One of Nasdaq’s brightest, Amma Anaman, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel of U.S. Listings and Structured Products, works under Zecca and testified to her commitment to improving gender equality: “I felt felt empowered and supported by John since my interview and throughout my career here. John has trusted me to lead important legal and policy initiatives, such as our board diversity proposal, our response to the SEC’s proposed climate change disclosures, and our ESG report, Anaman said.

This week, Nasdaq will participate in the HeForShe Summit, a convergence of world leaders in action-oriented dialogue and the alliance of men to advance gender equality. John Zecca and his team will be there, learning new ways to close the gender equality gap.

“I encourage all modern CEOs and leaders to take this knowledge with them and use their power and influence to champion the women in their lives. Together, we can work to achieve a more equal world,” Zecca said.

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