NAACP and ACLU Respond to New Iowa Diversity Training Law, State Representative Says Constitution


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – New Iowa law bans diversity training, implying the US and state are systematically racist in Iowa schools, public universities, and government agencies .

Ike Rayford, the NAACP branch chairman in Sioux City, said he believes the law limits the conversations the Iowan should have. He said he feared it was unconstitutional.

“Diversity training is very important because it allows us to have this conversation. One of the mistakes when we think of diversity, we think of race, but it’s more important than race. It’s age, gender, income, all of those things, ”Rayford said.

The Iowa ACLU issued a statement opposing the law. The statement said, “We condemn the enactment of this harmful and poorly written law. She claims not to limit discussion of racial and gender discrimination, or diversity and inclusion programs. But it then specifically bans discussions of systemic racism and systemic sexism in our society. , institutions and government. “

Rep. Steve Holt, (R) Denison, introduced the bill on the house floor and said he helped draft the majority.

Representative Holt said the law is intended to promote learning for Iowians to judge by a person’s character and not by skin color or gender.

“We are not trampling on free speech rights in any way. I said the bill is very specific. Questions can be answered on this, it can be part of a larger discussion as long as opposing views are being offered, ”said the representative. Steve Holt, (right) Denison.

Holt said that by law critical race theory is not allowed to be taught as part of diversity training at a public university, for example. However, a public university may offer a Critical Race Theory course that students choose to take.

Read the full law here.

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