Meet Streetsblog Chicago’s new Latino Communities reporter Ruth Rosas – Streetsblog Chicago

Streetsblog Chicago co-editor Courtney Cobbs and I are happy to announce that we have hired Ruth Rosas as the website’s very first dedicated and bilingual reporter to the Latin American communities. Ruth is a strong advocate for sustainable transportation and social justice, and their skills, work and volunteer experience make her a great fit for the job. (Ruth says: “I use her aand they pronons. Feel free to use both or one or the other.”)

I am delighted that Ruth is helping us expand our coverage of livable street issues relevant to Latin American communities in the city and suburbs. Their articles will be published in Spanish and English, which will help us to further amplify the voice of neighborhood advocates and attract new readers to the site.

Courtney says, “I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth during my time as the City’s Cycling Ambassador. We had another crossing on a group ride for queer people of color. I can’t wait for them to be part of the team and share their voice and the voice of the community.

Ruth’s enthusiasm for sustainable transportation dates back to her childhood. Born in Mexico City, they lived between the small pueblo of San Rafael, Estado de Mexico and Mexico City for about eight years. Ruth started cycling regularly when they got their first job as a newspaper delivery boy in their small hometown.

Ruth has been a strong advocate for active transportation since 2012 and has volunteered with a group of local advocacy groups, including many efforts focused on black and brown communities, women, and LGBTQ people. They have volunteered with Work bikes; an organizer with Chicago Women’s Bike; a volunteer with the Active transportation alliance; an instructor for Women and Trans Open Shop at West city bikes; a ride organizer for 2wheelgods /Hold the way; and one Young innovators member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Neighborhood Technology. In 2014, Ruth won a Important Cog Price of the ATA for their volunteer work. Impressively, Ruth even co-founded a community bike shop that mentors at-risk youth while Ruth worked for the Peace Corps in Fiji in the late 2010s.

Currently, Ruth is employed at Lurie Children’s Hospital as a Community Programs Coordinator, working on pedestrian and walking issues, with a focus on vulnerable communities. Ruth’s supervisors in Lurie graciously gave Ruth their blessing to take on this extra work, writing and translating one article per week for Streetsblog.

Ruth describes herself as “a strong advocate for black and brown communities, focusing on community development and fighting for equitable, just and sustainable transportation systems.” With this statement of intent, along with their vast experience in advocacy, we really couldn’t have asked for a better candidate for the position of Journalist from Latin American Communities, so it’s great to have Ruth on board.

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