Limerick men’s health champion champions gender equality

Noel Richardsom, men’s health activist, with President Higgins.

A native of AHANE and founder of the National Center for Men’s Health at South East Technological University (SETU), Noel Richardson joined President Higgins at Áras last week at an event calling on men to engage in gender equality issues at the national and global levels.

As global ambassador for the UN’s “HeforShe” campaign, President Higgins underscored how important he felt it was to use his office to deliver a simple but vital message: that men should be in solidarity with women if women’s rights are to be fully realized.

Dr. Richardson is well known as a pioneer in the field of men’s health in research, policy and advocacy, and is also respected for his achievements in athletics as a coach. and former international athlete.

“Clearly there are major issues that need to be addressed, but change is happening and I think the president’s rallying cry is part of that movement,” Dr Richardson said.

“I think the vast majority of men are in favor of a more equal and inclusive society for all. However, men must now take the lead and demonstrate more tangible commitments to accelerating gender equality. Men need to be part of the conversation from the start and actively engage in solutions to address gender inequalities and challenges in society.

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“An important part of this is continuing to reconfigure practices of masculinity that allow men to take on a greater role in caregiving and domestic responsibilities, including taking charge of their own health. I think the time is coming when we finally understand what needs to happen and how, it’s just a matter of leadership and determination to work towards a more equal and just society for all, he concluded.

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