Key Gender Equality Ministry roles removed from announced policy goals l KBS WORLD

Photo: Yonhap News

The announcement of the main political tasks of the incoming administration of Yoon Suk Yeol has fueled speculation that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family may well be dissolved.

In the list announced by the Presidential Transitional Committee on Tuesday, the role of the Ministry of Gender as a control tower for policies relating to women and the family was abandoned.

As the transition team decided earlier to keep the current government structure and to delay any reorganization until the new administration takes office, it is widely believed that the Ministry of Gender Equality will be maintained for the moment, but it does not appear to be part of the long term of the new government. – term plans.

Adjustments to the ministry’s role in announced policy goals, such as eliminating state responsibility for preventing gender-based violence, may indicate the ministry’s impending doom.

Under the Yoon administration, the Ministry of Health will play a bigger role in tackling the country’s low birth rate and supporting children and adolescents.

The Department of Gender will still serve in other areas, but often in conjunction with the Department of Justice, to address issues such as the prevention of digital sex crimes.

Experts consider the changes to be indications that the ministry will lose its key functions.

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