Julie Bindel threatens to sue City over cancellation

A radical feminist writer has said she intends to sue Nottingham City Council for libel, accusing it of ‘unlawfully banning’ her from making a speech about council property.

Nottingham has canceled a booking at a library for a talk by author Julie Bindel, about the speaker’s views on transgender rights.

Event organizers Nottingham Women for Change moved the conference to the street outside the library. Ms Bindel says she now intends to sue the council for defamation.

In a statement on Saturday, the council said Ms Bindel – a feminist writer and researcher – had views on transgender people who were “disagree” with its equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

Deputy Chief Adele Williams (Lab) and portfolio holder for Neighborhoods, Safety and Inclusion Neghat Khan (Lab) said: “While it was known the event was going to be from a feminist perspective , no information about the speaker’s views on transgender rights was made known to the library service.

“Once we found out about it we made the decision to cancel the booking. Nottingham is an inclusive city and as a council we support our LGBT community and are committed to supporting trans rights as than human rights via Stonewall.

“We did not want the use of one of our library buildings for this event, which is taking place during Pride Month, to be seen as implicit support for the views of the speaker that run counter our position on transgender rights.”

Earlier this year, Ms Bindel wrote an article for the Spectator, in which she expressed concern about using self-identification to be legally recognized as a woman.

Ms Bindel argues that she was discriminated against and plans to take legal action against Nottingham.

In an article for the daily mailMrs. Bindel writes: “Without speaking to me, or taking the trouble to find out what I really believe, the town hall has decided to refuse me the right to speak on its premises.

“So I will pursue them. On behalf of all the women who are told to shut up and shut up, during the worst misogynistic backlash I’ve witnessed in my life, I’m taking the board to court.

Ms Bindel said her speech was not about trans issues, but about male domestic violence and rape. She said she has been bullied in the past at public events and denies the allegation that she is transphobic.

“By unlawfully banning me from speaking and calling me a fanatic because a feminist, Nottingham City Council has contributed to this climate of physical danger. I will not let them get away with this,” she said.

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