Isabel Torres, trans lawyer and ‘Veneno’ actress, dies at 52

Three months after saying an emotional goodbye to his fans via social networks, Veneno The star Isabel Torres has sadly passed away.

“Today, February 11, 2022, we say goodbye to Isabel,” read a statement posted on Torres’ Instagram, translated from Spanish. “While her family and friends deeply mourn her loss, we know that wherever she goes she will enjoy herself as only she knows how. Thank you for all the messages of love and concern. feeling very loved and supported.”

Torres, who is Spanish, had long been known as a trans pioneer in her native Gran Canaria. In 1996, she became the first Canarian woman to legally change her sex on her ID card, and she often spoke about LGBTQ+ rights and issues in her country.

She became an international star when she played an older version of Spanish TV celebrity Cristina Ortiz, also known as La Veneno in the HBO Max limited series. Veneno. Torres said playing the icon was “the role of a lifetime” and it helped her see a new side to herself.

“I think there was a lot of me in her, and in her there was a lot of all of us,” she said. the lawyer. “I never thought we’d have a lot of similarities, and in the end, after seeing the character, learning his story and learning to love him through his hurts, I realized we had a lot in common. “

In November, Torres bid an emotional goodbye to her fans and friends in a video she posted to Instagram. “They give me two months to live, she said of her lung cancer diagnosis. “Let’s see if I recover, and if not, what are we going to do?” Life is like that.

Torres will be greatly missed, not only in his home country, but around the world. She inspired trans people to be their best and always live their truth. She showed others that a happy life is possible for people like her.

There is a scene at the beginning of Veneno when a young Valeria Vegas, the trans journalist who wrote the book the series is based on, sees La Veneno on television, and her life is changed. This is the moment when she realizes that trans women exist.

This is the legacy left by Torres. When trans people watch Veneno and they will see it, they will know that they can be who they really are and be happy. Isabel Torres will never truly leave, as her impact will always be felt. And she will continue to help others date and love each other for decades.

More than that, she will be remembered as a pioneer in trans rights and acting in Spain and Europe. Other trans actors will have chances that they never would have had thanks to her.

The importance of seeing older trans people being visible and happy cannot be overstated. For many of us, we cannot see a future for ourselves. We think we are destined either to be trapped in a life that is not authentic or to die prematurely. Women like Isabel Torres have shown what life is like for a trans woman in her fifties. She showed that a long and happy life is possible.

Goodbye Isabelle and thank you for everything.

You can look Veneno on HBO Max in Spanish or English.

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