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United States: How many Amicus briefs were filed in an average civil case between 2005 and 2020?

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When we abandoned our study, a third of the Supreme Court’s civil cases had at least one amicus brief. In 2005, 27.08% of civil cases did so. This figure fell to 34.69% in 2006 before dropping by almost half, but rose to 31.58% in 2011 and 32.35% in 2013. In 2017, 61.54% of the Court’s civil cases involved at least one amicus brief. In 2018, 27.27% did so. In 2019, 41.18% did so and the share was 37.5% in 2020.


Appellants averaged one-third of an amicus brief per case in 2005. After a one-year peak in 2006, this number fell to 0.1463 in 2007 before climbing to 0.3636 in 2010. In 2012, callers averaged 0.425 briefs per case. After a slight decrease, it fell to 0.4545 in 2015, 0.6154 in 2017 and 0.7647 in 2019.


As usual, there were fewer amicus briefs filed in support of the respondents. In 2005, respondents averaged 0.1875 briefs per case. This figure rose to 0.3939 in 2010 and stayed around that level for three more years before declining in the following three years. In 2017, 0.3846 briefs per respondent were filed. After a year-long decline, that figure has risen to roughly the same level – 0.3824 memory per case in 2019, before falling to 0.25 in 2020.


Join us tomorrow to examine data from the same years in criminal cases.

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