How a leading company puts equality at the forefront

The data is undeniable: in the labor market, women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. According to Statistics Canada, women accounted for about 45% of the drop in hours worked during the pandemic, but will only account for 35% of the rebound. Which give? And more importantly, how can businesses and business leaders empower women in the workplace to build a more inclusive recovery?

It’s something Salesforce Canada, the world leader in CRM (customer relationship management), stands up for every day. Driven by its philosophy that “business is a platform for change,” Salesforce has expressed its commitment to promoting equality for all of its stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, local communities and society as a whole. One example is its commitment to equal pay for equal work. On an annual basis, the company assesses salaries to bridge gender and race gaps. This year alone, he spent roughly $ 3.8 million to address any unexplained pay discrepancies, bringing his total spend to date to $ 16.2 million. And its Interim Equality Officer works hand in hand with the recruiting team to ensure fair hiring practices. Very cool.

In light of the pandemic and the difficult situations it has forced companies to face head on, Salesforce Canada has launched a series of virtual conversations called Growing With Purpose, bringing together notable leaders who are doing amazing things to help understand how companies can lead with values ​​in a meaningful way. The most recent episode, Empowering Women at Work, featured panelists like Canadian hockey legend turned doctor (!) Hayley Wickenheiser, ET Canada weekend host Sangita Patel and Roots CEO Meghan Roach speaking themes of alliance, the trust gap, building inclusive cultures and more. .

We caught up with Margaret Stuart, National Director of Salesforce Canada, who also attended the event, to discuss why businesses of all sizes need to support women in the workplace, what it means to lead with values ​​and the not-to-be-missed corporate events. .

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