Gender inclusion starts from scratch


The pandemic has had a devastating impact on society as a whole, especially for women and people of color.

Millions of women have been forced out of the labor market, with blacks and Latins most affected by the damage. With remote work becoming mandatory for many employees, mothers have been forced to either balance childcare responsibilities with work or quit their jobs altogether.

However, these changes could open a new door to gender equality in the workplace.

The focus on breaking the glass ceiling suggests that women workers identifying women must solve the problem, rather than fixing the system that marginalizes them in the first place.

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The basis of this problem begins with the history of man-made and built man-made workforce infrastructure. For this reason, barriers have been created that prevent women from thriving in the labor market.

Building a gender-inclusive corporate culture must start from scratch. For example, the Mother Superior venture capital foundry started the business without the concept of a cap. The company was designed specifically for founders who are generally excluded from the world of venture capital.

They do this by redefining the traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule in favor of four weeks of work per day, as well as offering seven weeks of paid leave each year so workers can focus on time spent with family.

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