From cooking to housework, Kerala will offer housework training for boys and men

Kerala is once again being hailed as a model of gender equality in the country, as the government decided to provide hands-on housework training for boys and men across the state.

Housework for all

The initiative was taken up by the state’s Department for the Protection of Women and Children (WCD), with the aim of promoting equality in housework, from cooking to cleaning.

The initiative is part of the government’s ‘Smart Kitchen’ program to achieve gender equality in Kerala. The motto of the program is “participatory cuisine, intriguing cuisine”. All men will be trained under the expert guidance of chefs.

The project will be implemented by the WCD and overseen by a committee chaired by the Chief Secretary, a report of Feminine read. The panel will draft an action plan that will be implemented after government approval.

For its proper functioning, the authorities have also decided to grant interest-free loans for the purchase of household utensils, which will be allocated jointly on behalf of husband and wife. In addition, people from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit from a free supply of LNG, media reported.

Gender-neutral subjects in schools

The committee also urged the government to revise the school curriculum and introduce non-sexist topics to children so that they grow up learning gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, etc.

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