First gender-affirming surgery in a federal prison ordered by a judge

Meanwhile, in Florida, the Department of Health has indicated that minors seeking transgender care should not receive such medical assistance. In Alabama, parents are trying to overturn a law banning care for their trans children. The media covers other transgender issues, including controversial sports bans.

Dallas Morning News: ACLU: Federal prison system ordered to provide first surgery for transgender inmate

The federal prison system has been ordered to schedule what is believed to be the first gender affirmation operation for a transgender inmate in its custody. A federal judge said Monday that the US Bureau of Prisons must find a surgeon capable of performing vaginoplasty on Cristina Nichole Iglesias before her scheduled release in December. Iglesias, a transgender woman serving a 20-year sentence for threatening the British government, has been fighting for years to get surgery while behind bars. (McGaughy, 4/20)

In the Florida news —

Politico: Florida issues guidelines conflict with HHS advice on transgender children

The Florida Department of Health on Wednesday offered new guidance on transition-related medical care for young people, thwarting advice given by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and medical experts, including the American Medical Association. The Florida Department of Health issued a memo saying minors should not receive hormone therapy, puberty-blocking drugs, or sex reassignment surgery. Instead, the Florida health agency says children and teens should get social support from peers and family and counseling from a licensed provider. The note serves as a guide and is not a rule or regulation. (Sargsyan, 04/20)

And more LGBTQ+ health care updates –

UPI: Parents ask court to strike down Alabama law denying health care to their transgender children

Parents of four transgender children in Alabama have asked a federal judge to strike down a controversial state law criminalizing doctors for providing gender-transitional health care to minors before it came into effect. effective next month. Senate Bill 184 is considered one of the nation’s most restrictive bills regarding transgender people, as it seeks to prohibit medical procedures or prescription drugs to minors for the purpose of changing their sex or to delay puberty by penalizing their doctors with up to 10 years in prison. (Coote, 04/21)

Dallas Morning News: Texas Log Cabin Republicans support blocking some medical treatment for transgender youth

The national organization of Log Cabin Republicans publicly criticized the Biden administration for supporting gender-affirming care weeks ago. Texas LCR President Marco Roberts said the group carefully considered the matter after members asked for instructions. In his statement, he did not call the gender-affirming care “child abuse.” “We did not release a statement immediately after the Governor’s policy announcement because we felt we needed to do our due diligence, review the science and not throw away something that had not been carefully considered. regardless of political pressures from different sides. “Roberts told the Dallas Morning News. “But conservatives and gay and trans allies look to us for leadership on these issues, and we aim to do our best to provide it.” (McGaughy, 04/19)

NBC News: Texas child welfare workers quit over governor’s transgender directive

A growing number of child protection workers in Texas are quitting over a directive from Governor Greg Abbott that requires them to investigate allegations of child abuse against parents suspected of providing affirming care. gender to their transgender children. Morgan Davis, a transgender man, gave his two weeks’ notice to the Travis County Child Protective Services office this month because he ‘morally could not continue’ with his job after investigating the family of a trans teenager, he told KXAN-TV. , an NBC affiliate in Austin. (Yurcaba, 04/19)

Deseret News: How many Utah residents actually support banning sports for transgender girls?

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kera Birkeland, R-Morgan, said in committee and indoor debate that she sponsored HB11 to preserve the integrity of women‘s athletics. Some lawmakers have said they support the final version of the legislation to protect their daughters. “Defending Utah’s female athletes has always been my goal, and I’m encouraged that a majority of Utahns feel the same way, Birkeland said in a statement responding to the poll results. The results revealed that more than half of men surveyed – 51% – strongly supported the legislation, compared to 37% of women. Sixty-one percent of men were strongly or somewhat in favor of the law, while 47% of women were in favor. Almost as many women – 46% – said they were somewhat or strongly opposed to HB11. (Cortez, 04/21)

The Hill: Missouri Lawmaker Goes Viral For Passionate Speech Against Transgender Sports Bill

A Missouri state representative has gone viral on social media for an impassioned speech he gave this week against a proposed measure in his state to ban transgender girls from competing on women’s sports teams. Democratic State Representative Ian Mackey, who is gay, began his speech when he confronted State Representative Chuck Basye (R) upstairs at the Missouri House on Monday. Mackey asked Basye, who sponsored the proposed amendment, about when Basye’s brother came out as gay to his family, to which Basye said his brother “first thought we’d stick with him. rigor and that we wouldn’t let my children be around him”. (Prieb, 04/20)

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