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Microcrediting is already quite a common way for most Ukrainians to quickly solve everyday problems when they don’t have enough money.

What is needed for a solution? Just go to the company’s website, fill out an application and after a few minutes get the right amount on the card.

Accommodation is becoming more expensive

Accommodation is becoming more expensive

In Ukraine, accommodation is becoming more expensive, so it is not surprising that money may not always be enough. The minimum wage is USD 3,200, while expenses can be more than USD 5,000. And saving is unlikely to succeed. Here is a sample list of expenses per month (in hryvnias) per person:

  • Utilities – 5,000;
  • Food products – 3,500-4,000;
  • Clothing – from 500;
  • Directions – from 200;
  • Mobile communications – 50;
  • Entertainment – 1,000;
  • Rental housing (6,000 or more).

It turns out that you will have to spend at least 10,000, and if you live in rented housing – 16,000 or more. Of course, housing prices in Ukraine are different – in Kyiv, rent will cost 30-40% higher than in other cities.

But the main fact that salaries for a month may really be in short supply (and not because you spend a lot, but because just living becomes expensive) remains.

In such situations, it is justifiable and advisable to issue an express loan online to the card on the day of treatment.

What will it give:

  • Reduce the burden on the family budget;
  • It will help solve problems today until they become more expensive tomorrow (for example, the purchase of equipment or building materials);
  • It saves energy on finding money by friends and acquaintances.

What is an express loan?


An express online loan for a card is a loan whose main purpose is to solve small financial issues that need to be solved here and now. It is issued for a small amount and for a short period.

As a rule, this is not more than 15 000 USD and for up to 35 days. Like a regular bank loan, it is issued on the basis of a legal contract and has full legal force. The contract shall indicate:

  • Data about the parties;
  • Loan amount;
  • Interest (cost and accrual rate);
  • Repayment procedure;
  • Delay (when charged and how much will it cost);
  • Rights and obligations of the creditor, debtor.

Compared to any bank loan, a mini-loan will help to solve problems faster and easier. Its advantages:

  • Almost everyone can take a loan express in Ukraine;
  • Credit history is almost irrelevant;
  • It does not matter where the borrower works and how much he receives;
  • All data in the questionnaires are more formal in nature than really affect the approval;
  • To get a loan, you do not need to leave your home – you can get an express loan via the Internet in 5-30 minutes;
  • Funds are instantly credited to the card.

How to take an express loan?


Convenient and express registration procedure is one of the main advantages of microcredit. The client does all the necessary actions immediately on the site, previously it’s important to simply prepare a passport and code.

Filing an application consists of 4 steps:

1. On the main page of the company’s website, indicate the desired amount and term (loan calculator calculates the amount of debt);

2. If everything is “OK”, proceed to fill out the questionnaire;

3. Submit the application and complete the registration;

4. Tie up a card from any bank of Ukraine and wait for a decision on the application.

Who can receive and for what needs?

Express loans can be taken for any purpose – the company does not matter why you take the money. Why can I borrow the amount:

  • To salary;
  • For repair;
  • For treatment;
  • Utility bills;
  • On food;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Tuition for a child, etc.

Lending is available:

  • Unemployed;
  • Officially working;
  • Those who are on sick leave or on vacation;
  • Moms on maternity leave;
  • To students;
  • Pensioners, etc.

Why take express loans at Good Finance

Express loans have become very popular in Ukraine, and in this regard, the number of companies has increased (now there are more than 600).

If you have never taken a loan and now you need to quickly solve the problem, of course, deciding where to go will be difficult. If you focus on a small commission and profitability, choose the Good Finance service, which has been operating on the market for several years and is very popular among Ukrainians.

What are its advantages:

  • Interest-free loan for new customers (up to 6 000 USD);
  • The maximum limit for repeated – 12 000 USD;
  • Duration – up to 30 days;
  • Without income statement and down payments;
  • The application is executed online in 7-30 minutes;
  • Notification of the decision you receive by e-mail;
  • Ability to transfer payment;
  • 24-hour lending;
  • Redemption online, through self-service terminals and bank cash desks.

Almost anyone who has applied for help can apply for express loans to Good Finance, regardless of the length of service and the amount of earnings (official or not).

It really helps to solve problems at any time of the day and not waste time searching for funds by relatives or friends. In addition, Good Finance clients can not worry about confidentiality – no one will find out that you have problems and need to borrow money.

Microcrediting in 2018 is an absolutely normal and profitable way to find a “financial solution” from the situation in express mode.

Post Author: Jeanette Fenwick