Every 15 minutes, a woman is the victim of violence

ZAGREB, February 13, 2022 – Croatian women‘s organizations on Sunday joined for the tenth time the global “One Billion Rising” campaign to end rape and sexual violence against women, as part of which, during at an event in downtown Zagreb, they said that in Croatia, every 15 minutes, a woman experiences some form of violence.

“This year, the campaign is dedicated to the fight against violence that destroys women, but also our planet,” said the campaign’s regional coordinator, Rada Borić, member of the Municipal Assembly of Zagreb, who highlighted the need to raise awareness of widespread violence against women.

“A billion women around the world are being abused right now, and Croatia is unfortunately no exception, but a billion trees have been felled, rivers and forests have been devastated, she said.

She warned that every 15 minutes a woman suffers violence in Croatia and that decisions in such cases are completely inappropriate, which in a way encourages the perpetrators.

Three women killed since the beginning of the year

“The message is that there is no excuse for violence – even if that person is a good neighbor or a jealous one or a defender or a county leader…” Borić said, noting that Croatia matters. more women killed per million inhabitants than France.

Gender Equality Ombudsman Višnja Ljubičić also pointed to disheartening national statistics.

“In the first 40 days of this year, three women were killed, three women were held captive and there were several cases of attempted murders and threats with weapons, which shows that 2022 will be marked by femicide,” Ljubičić said.

“In 2021, 30 people were murdered – 16 men and 14 women. In 90% of cases, men were killed by other men, while the 14 women were killed by 11 close men,” Ljubičić added. .

Penalties too lenient for perpetrators

Ljubičić also warned that the sentences handed down to the perpetrators were too lenient, noting that out of 1,200 verdicts, less than 10% contemplate jail time for gender-based violence, while in most cases the sentence is conditional or a fine. .

The organizers of the Zagreb event called for working together on preventing violence and raising awareness of the problem through systematic education and institutional cooperation.

This month, events dedicated to raising awareness of the problem of violence against women are also organized in other Croatian cities, and they will also be held on International Women’s Day, March 8, and Earth Day, April 22.

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