Edward Jones plans pay equity studies, $ 150 million in donations


To strengthen economic inclusion and financial health, Edward Jones plans to educate approximately 1 million adults and youth over the next five years through the company’s financial health program.

“It is with deliberate intention that we strive to create opportunities for our internal and external stakeholders, and as we look to our next 100 years, we seek to ensure that every action has a measurable impact. ” Kristin johnson, Director of Human Resources and Director of Transformation of Edward Jones, said in a statement.

Become eco-responsible

According to the report, Edward Jones is evaluating its direct and indirect effects on the environment and developing a comprehensive approach to tackle the future in a more sustainable way.

This will involve addressing external environmental partnerships, energy management, sustainable buildings, the use of environmentally friendly materials, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water management and Waste Management.

In addition, the firm has committed to prosecute six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that best match their business and ability to exert influence, including:

  • Align strategies and concrete actions with the UN SDG targets and report on its progress in its March 2022 report.
  • Quantify the effects that sustainability and the UN’s sustainable development commitments will have.
  • Measure and report on impacts and results, not just activities.

Support good causes

Last year, the report notes, Edward Jones donated $ 25.7 million nationally – including $ 16 million locally in St. Louis – through philanthropic support from companies, foundations and associates. from 254 unique organizations across a variety of causes to create continued collective impact and economic growth. Sixty-eight percent of this total will go to health and social services.

The firm’s associates and retirees have contributed to the Edward Jones Disaster Relief Fund for associates who have been affected by COVID-19 and natural disasters.

As part of this five-year goal of contributing $ 150 million to American and Canadian communities, Edward Jones says he will build on his legacy of community engagement in the St. Louis area, his hometown for nearly a century, with a planned investment of $ 80 million in philanthropic donations for inclusive growth and community well-being.

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