Drama series pays tribute to Chinese heroes


The Shanghai-produced drama “Medal of the Republic” recently debuted on Dragon TV and the iQiyi streaming site, honoring those who have made great accomplishments for the country over the past decades.

The series tells heartwarming stories about the recipients of the Medal of the Republic, the country’s highest honor. First presented in 2019, it was awarded to nine people for their great contributions to the Chinese Communist Party, the country and its people.

The stories of the first group of eight winners are told in different episodes of the series.

Among them are war veterans Li Yannian and Zhang Fuqing, the late nuclear physicist Yu Min (1926-2019), longtime national lawmaker Shen Jilan (1929-2020), aerospace engineer Sun Jiadong, “father of the hybrid rice “Yuan Longping (1930-2021). ), nuclear submarine designer Huang Xuhua and China’s first Nobel Laureate Tu Youyou.

The series centers on the heroes’ dedication to their careers and their continued efforts to improve the lives of Chinese people. He hopes to inspire the younger generation with the patriotism and unwavering spirit of the laureates.

“Medal of the Republic” is also a production to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. It brings together leading filmmakers, including Mao Weining, Shen Yan, Yang Yang, and Kang Honglei, to direct each chapter. Renowned filmmaker Zheng Xiaolong, whose credits include the epic drama “Legend of Miyue” and the family drama “Golden Marriage”, is the series’ chief director.

More than 2,600 people are involved in the filming and production of the series. The filmmakers, with their own cinematic styles and interpretations, provide insight into the lives of the eight award winners, as well as the faith and power that drives them to do extraordinary things despite unexpected challenges.

According to Zheng, compared to previous biographies that typically chronicle people’s lives, the series focuses on the award winners’ brightest moments.

In the chapter on National Lawmaker Shen, her efforts to defend the rights of women in the workplace and advocate for the inclusion of “equal pay for equal work for men and women” in the Constitution are highlighted. .

The chapter on veteran Zhang is told from the perspective of his memories during the last years of his life. His honorable past in liberating the country has moved many. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he devoted himself to improving the lives of people in remote areas affected by poverty.

The chapter on Li, a veteran of the Chinese Volunteer People’s Army, focuses on the battlefield during the Korean War (1950-53). With his bravery and wisdom, Li and his comrades in arms resumed a high strategic plateau and fulfilled their mission.

Sub-designer Huang’s chapter mainly covers how he spent many years designing the Chinese nuclear submarine. The scientist’s only regret was that he had little time to accompany his old mother.

The chapter on agronomist Yuan includes a monologue illustrating his lifelong dream of growing hybrid rice around the world to solve the food shortage. Its efforts have helped China feed nearly a fifth of the world’s population on less than 9 percent of the world’s arable land.

The chapter on nuclear physicist Yu, considered the “father of China’s hydrogen bomb,” tells how he overcame obstacles and made breakthroughs in hydrogen bomb research after three months of complex calculations.

The chapter of the aerospace engineer Sun mainly documents his success after many failures. Sun and his colleagues have already spent three freezing days and nights searching for wreckage from an unsuccessful satellite launch for further analysis. Considered the father of Chinese satellites, Sun has also been a driving force behind China’s space exploration program. “

The chapter on Nobel Laureate Tu, pharmaceutical chemist and malariologist, discusses her efforts to develop artemisinin, which is used to treat malaria. Its breakthrough saved millions of lives, especially in developing countries.

The series also features veteran actors such as Guo Tao, Tong Dawei, Huang Zhizhong, Zhou Xun, and Huang Xiaoming.

“Medals of the Republic” presents the first group of eight laureates, who have made great contributions to China and its people.

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