Do Not Use Awakening To Justify The Mutilation Of Our Children

Doctors, educators, and even parents are in a rush to permanently ruin children’s lives, all to be “cool,” first on the block, and to be politically correct.

It really sank last week when Boston Children’s Hospital posted a video announcing that it now offers “a full suite of surgical options for transgender teens and young adults”. They include “gender-affirming hysterectomies” for girls.

Dr. Frances Grimstad describes in a friendly, almost singsong voice that “a gender-affirming hysterectomy is very similar to most hysterectomies that happen.”

Grimstad is a faculty member in the Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Department of Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

After her introductory remarks, she gets technical, describing which parts are and aren’t removed during a gender-affirming hysterectomy, but her voice, demeanor, and even the background music make it feel like we’re jumping on the Yellow Brick Road on our way to the magical land of Oz.

Like The Daily Wire Michael Knowles said itthis is a case where “21st century libs make 15th century Aztecs look human”.

In another video, Dr. Jeremi Carswell, director of the Gender Multispecialty Service at Boston Children’s Hospital, explains that children who don’t buy into gender stereotypes are actually transgender.

“A child will often know they’re transgender from the moment they have the ability to express themselves, and parents will often tell us that,” Carswell said.

She claimed that signs that a child is trans include “actions like refusing to get a haircut or getting up to urinate or trying to get up to urinate, refusing to get up to urinate, trying on siblings’ clothes, playing with ‘opposite sex’ quote toys, things like that.”

So a biological boy who complains about going to the hairdresser is really a girl, and a biological girl who prefers jeans to dresses and likes to climb trees is really a boy. I understood.

It wasn’t so long ago (last year, maybe?) that the “experts” were warning us against stereotyping. We were told to consider everyone as an individual and to celebrate their differences, their uniqueness.

Moreover, no teenager knows what he is or what he will be in life. If people were to conform to what they identified as children, there would be plenty of baby boomer princesses and cowboys today. (Go ahead, little doggies.)

But the real stories should be reserved for people who have already made the transition – those who were diagnosed during adolescence by “professionals”, who received hormone therapy and, later, surgery. They begin to regret this decision and their stories can be heartbreaking.

One, which bears the name Watson said“I had gender dysphoria. As a result of myself and my gender clinic – who quickly diagnosed me. And treated me with cross-sex hormones and surgery.”

Watson continued, “I regret it. I exist. You just ignored my other issues. I will never forgive you.”

This caught the attention of Grace, who describes herself as a “detrans”, and revealed how quickly the process can take.

“I had hormones after a 10 minute evaluation. I received an excellent surgery letter after a few hours of therapy”, she says. “I take responsibility for my choices, but I wasn’t well when I made them. I will always wish my healthcare providers had helped me instead of allowing me to self-harm.”

She said no health care provider took the time to dig below the surface, to look under the hood to find out what her real issues were.

“I feel really miserable looking back at all the credentialed professionals who might have bothered to look into your issues, saw the red flags and just didn’t care enough to do so,” she said. added. “But that’s life. People don’t always look out for your best interests.”

Grace continued her story in a Twitter thread, but that’s the gist — that medical professionals are eager to do something “brave and brave” instead of diagnosing the real problem without permanently harming the patient. .

In recognition of Harvard Medical School being the teaching affiliate of Boston Children’s Hospital, a recent Babylon Bee proclaimed title“Harvard Med School officially replaces the ‘Do No Harm’ oath with ‘Mutilate children for money.'”

The Babylon Bee is a satirical “news” site whose motto is “Fake News You Can Trust”. His Harvard Medical School credential is proof that the best humor is always grounded in truth — this one unfortunately.

Remember when girls couldn’t legally get their ears pierced until they were 18? Good time.

Michael Dorstewitz is a retired lawyer and a frequent contributor to Newsmax. He is also a former United States Merchant Navy officer and an enthusiastic supporter of the Second Amendment. Read Dorstewitz reports – More here.

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