De Goey’s groped allegation puts heat on Collingwood Magpies and AFL


This incident also comes in a year when the Magpies suffered major upheavals off-screen, triggered by the Do better account for how they treated racism at the club. The Magpies have moved quickly to introduce a cultural change, and that will continue under the leadership of businessman Jeff Browne, who is soon to be president.

The question now is: will a new board want something to do with De Goey, who now has a long list of misdemeanors? He will continue to be paid in the short term but there is no guarantee that he will be back. And what is skipper Scott Pendlebury and his team thinking about? They were all eagerly awaiting a new start under the guidance of new coach Craig McRae. De Goey’s final act will now overshadow that no matter what.


The Magpies and the AFL spent Sunday trying to piece together the details of what happened at the PHD Rooftop Lounge at the Dream Hotel in New York City. But what is clear is that De Goey, who was hoping to sign a multi-million dollar contract extension next season, is now fighting to even complete the final year of his current contract. AFL industry figures agree his career is on the line and could be over.

He was cleared to travel to Southern California in October – during the break mandated in the players’ collective agreement – to train at the W Training Facility as part of his partnership with Monster Energy. He had spoken of the need to improve his fitness – he started too many unfit and even overweight preseason – and admitted he was entering an important contract year.

The fact that a man known for his partying manners went abroad to train was supported by club greats Tony Shaw and Travis Cloke, seen as an indication that “the penny has dropped”, but it raised eyebrows elsewhere. And then when he signed his brother-in-law, Ryan Vague, a firefighter, to be his new manager, experienced AFL industry officials again questioned his decision-making. The belief is that he needs an experienced manager who is ready to give hard love even if at 25 it is time for him to mature.

De Goey is also due to poll his circle of friends and ask if a true friend would have advised him to drink and party until the early hours – the frivolity was highlighted in a social media clip of him on the train. to dance – given what had happened this year and the riches on offer next year. His friend, Luke Dyson, allegedly hit a man in the face with a glass bottle and was also taken into custody.

As a rival club official said on Sunday, this should be the time of year when players, coaches and officials can relax and take a deep breath. For the Magpies, their break is over.

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