Crunch Fitness tells members to stop having sex in men’s locker rooms

A gym locker room – Photo: Jan Laugesen, via Wikimedia.

Popular gym chain Crunch Fitness recently warned its members to stop having sex in men’s locker rooms, urging them to choose “* literally * anywhere else” instead.

The controversy was sparked after Twitter user @rossifer, also known as OnlyFans model “Rated R Ross”, shared a photo of a sign in her gym with the caption: “Tell me that you work in a gay gym without telling me that you work in a Gym. “

The sign, which features the official Crunch Signature logo, reads: “ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please DON’T HAVE SEX in the men’s locker room!” You can have sex * literally * anywhere else, but not at Crunch Fitness. Otherwise, your membership will be immediately revoked. Please keep this space safe for all Chewers.

While the tweet did not directly mention where the Crunch Fitness sign was posted, online commentators quickly identified the gym as Crunch Fitness on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Calif., Shining the spotlight on what appears to be a long-standing problem with location and sparking online debate among gay men about sex in public places.

The photo received hundreds of retweets and prompted several responses from people angry about inappropriate behavior in gyms, which allegedly plagued other gyms with large gay clientele.

Men's crunch, gym, locker room
The Sign at Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood – Photo: @rossifer / Twitter)

Ross’s tweet was later reported by The sword, an online post that focuses on adult entertainment, on several LGBTQ-themed Reddit threads, and by the LGBTQ news site Queerty, sparking even more debate about sexual behavior in public places.

Several users online noted that Crunch Fitness in Chelsea had similar ‘DON’T HAVE SEX’ signs, while others expressed skepticism that the problem of people having sex in public lockers is as widespread as some might claim.

Other users still scoffed at the sign’s potential unintended consequences, joke about “f *** ing on the elliptical” or in places other than the men’s locker room.

Others wondered if Crunch, by highlighting the alleged behavior, was inadvertently marketing their gyms as “cruisy” to gay gym goers – which could potentially exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.

One Reddit user jokingly noted, “So this is the only way to stop credit card payments on your gym membership when you’ve told them to stop.”

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