CNP Assurances: Assurance obtains a maximum score of 100/100 on equal pay for men / women

Paris, January 10, 2022

CNP Assurance obtains a maximum score of 100/100 on equal pay for men

and women

Since March 1, 2019, French companies with more than 1,000 employees must publish an annual gender equality index. After obtaining 99/100 for three consecutive years, CNP Assurances obtained the maximum score of 100/100 for the year 2021. This is part of its permanent commitment to the fight against discrimination and the promotion of diversity.

By obtaining a score of 100/100 in terms of professional equality, CNP Assurance once again demonstrates its maturity in terms of professional equality. The company obtained the maximum score for the five indicators of the index: gender pay gap, rate of individual increases, promotions between women and men, percentage of employees having benefited from an increase in the following year their return from maternity leave and breakdown by sex of the ten best paid employees.

For more information, visit the employer’s promiseon the CNP Assurances website, under the section “Developing in an environment that promotes diversity and gender equality”.

eBérengère Grandjean e

Human Resources Director, CNP Assurances

“With a score of 100/100 in 2021, CNP Assurances is continuing its commitment to the fight against professional inequalities between women and men. In accordance with its raison d’être, CNP Assurances is once again confirming its positive impact on professional integration.

About CNP Assurances

A benchmark player in the French life and health insurance market, CNP Assurances is present in 19 countries in Europe, particularly in Italy, and in Latin America, where it has a strong presence in Brazil, its second largest market. A player in insurance, co-insurance and reinsurance, CNP Assurances has more than 36 million people in provident / provident insurance worldwide and more than 12 million in savings / retirement. In accordance with its business model, its solutions are distributed by multiple partners and adapt to their physical or digital distribution method, as well as to the needs of customers in each country in terms of protection and convenience.

CNP Assurances has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since October 1998 and is a subsidiary of La Banque Postale. The company reported a net profit of 1.35 billion euros in 2020.

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