Canceled lessons, new SCOTUS justice and equal pay for women’s football | News

Check out this social report on a powerful storm causing a campus closure and some powerful women in their professional roles.

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Last night, LSU announced via email that all classes and activities are canceled after noon Tuesday due to the impending storm.

The dining halls remain open during normal hours, but workers encourage students to stay indoors during the afternoon.

Additionally, the US Senate is holding its confirmation hearing for President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judge Jackson will face questions from senators and speak on her opinions over the next two days. If confirmed, she will be the first black woman to hold a field seat.

Continuing with the theme of powerful women, the United States Women’s National Team recently won its battle against the United States Soccer Federation in an equal pay lawsuit. The team will receive millions in back pay and pay equal to the United States Men’s National Team in the future.

Tune in tomorrow at 5 p.m. to hear more about what this means for the local women’s soccer community.

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