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the foreigner Star Caitríona Balfe says becoming a mom has helped her see how men and women are treated differently in the film industry and that her own understanding of gender inequality has changed since welcoming the 3 month old son she shares with her husband Tony McGill.

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“By the time you get to a certain age, if you want to have a family, you end up going down that ladder and I think it’s very difficult for them to come back,” Balfe said. Vanity Fair in a January 6 interview. “This is something that we have to tackle as an industry because I watch our film crew, all amazing guys, all of them became fathers in the eight years that we have been touring, but none of them have ‘had to give up his post. “

the Belfast star has already said She knows that she wants to lead from abroad seventh season; in the Vanity Fair article, she added, “This is something I talked about doing on the show. It falls on deaf ears a bit.

“It would have been the perfect opportunity for me in a very safe space. I’m so close to our entire film crew, and they were always discussing what lens they use and what mount it is and they’re really always very helpful in giving me as much information as I want. », Balfe Told Vanity Fair. “It’s a shame, but out of my hands.”

We love to see the actress and former model raising awareness about gender inequality, including sharing her own experiences. While we can’t see Balfe directly yet (fingers crossed, it’s soon!), For now we’ll just have to watch her portray a mother in 1960s Ireland in Belfast, which premiered in September 2021.

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