British MP says replacing male heroes with women increases crime rates for men

Not so long ago, headlines were about the lack of leading roles and strong female role models in movies and on TV, but now British MP Nick Fletcher has set the internet on fire after claiming that the High number of heroic male characters being replaced onscreen by women is to blame for young men who turn to criminal lives. This included characters such as Doctor Who, James Bond, and other iconic roles that were previously seen as male-oriented but leaned toward balancing gender equality, which Fletcher says negatively impacts young men. .

Addressing the British Parliament, Fletcher proclaimed: “Everywhere, not at least in the cultural sphere, there seems to be a call from a tiny and very vocal minority that every male character, or good role model, must have a female replacement. . Just look at the discussion around the next James Bond. ”


He continued, “And it’s not just James Bond. In recent years we’ve seen Doctor Who, ghost hunters, Luke Skywalker, Equalizer all replaced by women, ”continued Fletcher. “And the men stay with the Krays and Tommy Shelby. Why do we see so many young men committing crimes? ”

The parliamentary speech was a response to rising crime rates in the country and was instantly ridiculed online, including by opposition MPs who said the government was simply not in a position to explain or provide a solution to the increasing crime figures and sought sensationalist fabrications to try and cover up their inability to fix the problem.

Over the past decade, calls for equality in the film and television industries have seen many reboots, remakes and redesigns transform white male characters into female roles or black male roles and it has become l one of the most controversial issues in Hollywood. When Peter Capaldi left the role of Doctor Who in 2017, her replacement was announced as Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker, who became the first woman to play the role in the series’ history since its conception in 1963 – although Joanna Lumley played very briefly the role in a Comic Relief Special. in 1999, when it was seen as a replica of the skit that saw The Doctor grow up to be several different personalities that culminated with Lumley as the character’s very first female iteration. Instantly, opinion on the internet was shared with some fans on board with the change, others unable to understand why it was necessary to change the gender of a character who had always been a man.

It’s been a similar story with many franchise characters and some describe it as lazy and derogatory for simply taking successful male roles and entrusting them to female stars rather than striving to create new characters for them. However, in a larger scheme, the question should be more of why fictional characters becoming role models are based on their specific gender. Onscreen heroes and villains come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately they’re fictional and usually created to tell a story and entertain, not to influence people in a real life. one way or another. Regardless, there is clearly no simple solution to the general equality and diversity issues that continue to cast a shadow over the entertainment industry, and this is just another example of the complexity of the whole.

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