(BPRW) Black business leaders, celebrities, influencers and executives meet with Visa on the occasion of CEO Making Waves for Black Women in Business, helping companies deliver on their commitment to equality and inclusion | Press Releases


(BPRW) Black business leaders, celebrities, influencers and executives meet with Visa at the CEO’s Making Waves for Black Women in Business event, helping companies deliver on their commitment to equality and inclusion

Two-day conference provides vital resources for black women in business

(Black PR cable) OAKLAND, CA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – On October 26-27, CEO’s Making Waves for Black Women In Business: Growth, Impact, & Community will kick off a two-day conference welcoming black women-owned businesses, industry and corporate leaders to meet the need for systemic change in leadership, gender and racial equality in a variety of different industries.

The two-day event will feature discussions from black business owners such as influencer Necole Kane – CEO / Founder of XONecole and Whitney Harper (Brand Manager / Creative Director for Rapper Sweetie) and (host) broadcaster sportsman Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, as well as many other amazing professionals from different industries who will share their perspectives on relevant topics and resources aimed at improving the approaches of black professionals and CEOs. By strengthening women-owned businesses within the black community, CEO’s Making Waves will work to close the 90% wealth gap that black women face in business today.

“This is a must-have event to support black women in our communities starting in California with big tech companies,” said Myeshia Jefferson, founder of Beauty Makes Cents LLC, a company dedicated to increasing entrepreneurial education through events, trainings, hands. -on support and empowerment.

Jefferson continues, “The CEO’s Making Waves will help attendees tap into resources they may not know are available. A lot of black-owned businesses don’t need help, we need a helping hand. As a black entrepreneur, I understand firsthand the difficulty of navigating the business world and the challenges black women in business face in accessing the right people and the right positions that can open doors. Sometimes we need more practical support to guide us to the next level. Many of the large organizations have the means and the resources to help.

Aiming to connect start-ups and small business owners with businesses with resources and mentors available to black entrepreneurs, the event will serve as a foundation for future growth and opportunities. With an impressive array of speakers, panel discussions, fireside discussions, mentoring sessions and workshops, CEO’s Making Waves will address a wide range of topics, such as entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, l future of e-commerce, the entertainment industry, sports, welfare, women’s empowerment and recruitment.

“This year, virtual celebrity appearances from Akon, Niecy Nash, Tamar Braxton, and more; but next year we will be hosting the in-person event where we can include interactive activities such as dancing, live music and a yacht experience! We see this as a great opportunity for black women entrepreneurs to connect, network and grow, ”said Jefferson.

Participants of CEO’s Making Waves 2021 will also have the chance to gain mentors from top industry leaders through an exclusive guest contest. Organizations can make it an opportunity to build trust and loyalty, while more black women have access to and are supported.

Registration is open to everyone. The remaining space is filling up quickly, so buy your tickets soon! Visit CEO makes waves to secure your tickets and find out more.

About the CEO making waves for black women in business

CEO makes waves for black women in business was created with the goal of getting businesses to talk about the need for systemic change in leadership, gender and racial equality by supporting women-owned businesses and professionals. We aim to economically empower 1,000 black women in California by 2022 with the ultimate goal of closing the racial wealth gap with the help of our future partners.

Source: Beauty Makes Cents LLC

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