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The winner (1)

Whether previews are included or not, Disney animation Great hero 6 was the winner of the weekend, just ahead of his freshman classmate Kingsman: Secret Service. the wonder The adaptation cost £ 3.81million over the weekend and £ 4.29million including previews. The last great Disney animation was Frozen, who debuted in late 2013 with £ 4.70million. (We don’t see any of the 2014 Tinker Bell features as a major Disney effort.)

A suitable comparison for Big Hero 6 might be Wreck-It Ralph, who arrived in February 2013 with £ 4.53million. Wreck-It Ralph has benefited from increased knowledge of the arcade game’s source material, especially among adults. Big Hero 6, which opened in the United States last November, made $ 218 million there and $ 485 million worldwide.

Big Hero 6 still has the full half of February’s vacation ahead of it – a time that should deliver significant revenue every day of the week.

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The winner (2)

While no one will be very surprised by the success of the latest Disney animation, the various actors of Kingsman: The Secret Service will be very happy to have given the inflatable robot a run for its money. Kingsman debuted with £ 3.55million this weekend and £ 4.24million, including previews on Thursday. It’s a big leap since director Matthew Vaughn’s opening Kick ass, which started in April 2010 with £ 1.83million and generous previews of £ 2.05million.

Distributor 20th Century Fox and producer / director / co-writer Vaughn will now pick out the details of what went well. The first contender is the release date, as Kingsman has offered viewers a fun alternative to the many award-winning high-profile dramas currently in theaters. Vaughn is a director who manages to be both broadly commercial and quite distinctive, meaning Fox could position Kingsman both as an accessible mainstream and something a little different from what audiences have seen before. There is always value in this combination.

Although the film found a spot on all independent channels – Picturehouse, Curzon and Everyman all played it – it found its biggest hit in multiplex theaters, with a very good regional spread across the UK. The best venue is Westfield in Shepherds Bush, London (so often the top performing theater for a blockbuster film), with Vue West End in second place. But Cineworld Milton Keynes, Cineworld Glasgow, Showcase Bluewater, Cineworld Sheffield, Cineworld Crawley, and Odeon Manchester Trafford Center are all top 10 best performing venues for Kingsman, and the next 10 include plex cinemas in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, Cheltenham, Dublin and Liverpool.

Fox reports that, with the addition of Monday’s recipes, Kingsman is now ahead of Big Hero 6, and the film is set to take home the week as a whole. (Family films always deliver milder numbers on weekdays, outside of school holidays.)

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The indie alternative

The only Oscar nominee released this weekend was Paul Thomas Andersonof Inherent vice, which lands with £ 363,000 from 187 theaters and an average of £ 1,942. In terms of top performing sites, the result is the exact opposite of Kingsman, with the film thriving best in independent theaters including the Curzon, Picturehouse and Everyman chains. The bias is heavier in London, as you would expect for a top-notch slice of American indie music.

The Inherent Vice number is very much like the first Wide Game Weekend box office for Anderson’s latest film The master: £ 372,000 for 153 cinemas. The Master was released on a two-week single-screen platform in November 2012, expanding nationwide in week three.

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Landing in 19th place, with revenue of £ 79,000 across 158 screens, Trash can delivered a low average of £ 501 per venue. This must surely be a major disappointment for the Universal distributor and the theaters that supported the film. Trash, based in Rio de Janeiro, benefited from a few commercial elements: director Stephen daldry, scriptwriter Richard curtis, and a scenario that is ultimately edifying. But maybe these didn’t match the favela setting in the movie so well, aside from the fact that all three of the main actors are Brazilian children and the main language is Portuguese. This balance between gritty and upbeat worked wonderfully for Slumdog Millionaire, and also Daldry’s Billy Elliot. In general, however, films targeting an adult audience (Trash is a 15 certificate) with child protagonists can fall between two stools. Slumdog Millionaire and Billy Elliot both hit theaters with great buzz and critical success, while Trash struggled to establish itself as a must-have proposition. With no attention paid to major awards and with a MetaCritic score of 63/100, the film seemingly got lost in the mix of titles chasing specialist audiences right now.

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The big slaughterers

Many of the award nominees are showing signs of fatigue, with drops of over 50% for the likes of Birdman and Whiplash. But the drops on these titles seem positively modest compared to other films on the market. Johnny Depp missed Mortdecai fell 82% from the previous weekend, while Mark Wahlberg in The player fell 81%. These two titles are now likely to see drastic reductions in the number of screens and the length of sessions.

The orphan

Unsurprisingly, Australian thriller Old scoundrel landed quite dismally, with £ 21,000 on 60 screens and an average of £ 351. Starring Brenton Thwaites, Ewan McGregor and Alicia Vikander, the film sits between indie and mainstream, and just didn’t have the clout to break into the multiplex environment, where it made its reservations – it is. currently broadcast on 24 Vue sites, 15 Cineworlds, 11 showcases and two Odéon. After booking at these multiplex venues, distributor Koch must now hold off the DVD release for the entire 17-week theatrical window (in fact, the title will go on sale in June). The natural home of the movie is DVD / on demand, and in an ideal world faster transfer would be desirable.

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The future

Overall, the market is up 21% from the previous frame, and also 47% from the equivalent session from 2014, when the wolf of Wall Street and 12 years of slavery continued their hold on the top of the chart, and This annoying moment was the best new version. Movie bookmakers will now cross their fingers for the Wachowski’s sci-fi adventure Jupiter’s ancestry, originally scheduled for last summer. After a huge success with Paddington, StudioCanal could have another family success with Shaun the sheep the movie. Sony has Seth Rogen and James Franco in The interview, which certainly has a curiosity factor, as it was responsible for the devastating server hack towards the end of last year. A final major award contender arrives in the form of Selma, featuring David Oyelowo.

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Top 10 films, January 30-February 1

1. Great hero 6, £ 4,293,286 from 501 sites (new)

2. Kingsman: Secret Service, £ 4,241,292 at 533 sites (new)

3. American sniper, £ 1,586,745 from 481 sites. Total: £ 9,335,482

4. The theory of everything, £ 1,032,912 at 509 sites. Total: £ 17,643,178

5. Socket 3, £ 801,562 at 403 sites. Total: £ 16,560,282

6. In the woods, £ 734,370 at 488 sites. Total: 8,411,168 €

7. Paddington, £ 442,869 at 513 sites. Total: £ 35,517,698

8. Ex Machina, £ 410,327 at 410 sites. Total: £ 2,055,694

9. Inherent vice, £ 363,133 at 187 sites (new)

10. Les Contes D’Hoffmann: Met Opera, £ 238,597 at 167 sites (live event)

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Other openers

Trash can, £ 79,178 at 158 ​​sites

Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe, £ 24,221 from 15 sites

Old scoundrel, £ 21,065 at 60 sites

Goodbye Children, £ 13,958 at 6 sites

Hawaizaada, £ 10,089 from 14 sites

No Manifesto: A Film About Manic Street Preachers, £ 3624 from 3 sites

Pelo Malo, £ 1,995 from 3 sites

Tales of the Dark Sleeper, £ 1.958 at 3 sites

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