Assembly polls: at least one polling station in each constituency must be run by women, says EC

At least one polling station run exclusively by women will be set up in every electoral district to the extent possible in the five states for which elections were announced on Saturday. The Election Commission said that as part of its firm commitment to gender equality and greater meaningful participation of women in the electoral process, it ordered that, to the extent possible, at least one office voting system managed exclusively by women is installed in each assembly. constituency in Goa, Manipur, Punjab Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. In these polling stations, all election staff, including police and security personnel, will be women.

Referring to the arrangements made on the day of the count, March 10, the commission said before recovering the result of the control units, the seals are checked and the unique serial numbers of these are counted before the counting of the delegated agents. by the candidates.

EVMs and paper trail machines are stored in vaults in the presence of candidates or their representatives, until the end of the 45-day campaign petition period, he said.

During this period, petitions challenging the results may be filed with the respective higher courts.

Following the practice started during the Bihar assembly ballots, the Election Commission (EC) has said that people over the age of 80 and those infected with Covid will be able to vote from the comfort of their homes.

He said polling officials will come to the homes of those who opt for the option and provide them with ballots to vote. The candidates in the running and their agents will be kept informed and strict secrecy will be guaranteed by the videography of these voters, declared the EC. In view of the current Covid situation, the commission said that mandatory disinfection of polling stations, preferably one day before the poll will be carried out.

Thermal screening of voters at the point of entry to polling stations, either by election officials, paramedics or ASHA workers, will be carried out, he said.

If the voter ‘s temperature is above the standards set by the Ministry of Health on first reading, then it will be checked twice. If he stays, the voter will receive a token and will be invited to come and vote at the last hour of the ballot, said the EC. At the last hour of the poll, these voters will be made easier to vote, strictly following preventive measures related to Covid, he said.

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