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VIJAYAWADA: Members of the Andhra Pradesh State Government Nurses Association (APSGCOSNA) held a protest on Monday outside the Covid-19 State Hospital to demand that DME provide them with equal pay for equal work. Among other demands, the protesters called on the Directorate of Medical Education (DME) to regularize their services and give them sick leave if they were infected.

Association member Abdul Irfan said that in 2016, the DME recruited more than 1,000 nurses to assist doctors at various public hospitals. Since then, staff with the qualifications of B Sc Nursing / M Sc Nursing / General Nursing Midwife are paid 22,500 ” per month.

“Almost five years have passed and we are receiving the same salary and those who were newly recruited, with the same qualifications, in March 2020 for the functions of Covid-19 are paid 34,000. We took the matter to the attention of the DME and the Minister of Health Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas Nani on several occasions, but to no avail, ”he said.

Another member, Anusha, said a total of 77 staff worked at the Covid-19 State Hospital here. “In order not to interrupt the Covid-19 treatment given to infected people, only those who have a day off or who work in the evening participate in the demonstration. In addition, “when the staff nurses were infected with the virus, the authorities instead of treating the 14-day quarantine period as sick leave, reduced our pay. It is high time for the government to step in and implement our demands, ”said Anusha.

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