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Kochi: Salafist groups, which make up a large portion of the state’s Muslim population, are speaking out against various gender-neutral initiatives in government educational institutions in the state, alleging that the move is part of “the global agenda to develop a liberal society”. that challenges moral values”.
It is learned that different Salafist organizations in the state have decided to strongly oppose gender clubs to appear in schools and colleges as part of the Kudumbashree mission and also to oppose the decision of many government institutions to introduce gender-neutral uniforms.
A professional conference organized by the Mujahid Students Movement (MSM), the student wing of the official Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM) faction, in Aluva last week released a book which calls for opposition to gender neutral initiatives in the ‘State. The book observes that gender neutral uniforms will destroy the general concept that sex between people of opposite sexes is a normal thing and this will lead to the destruction of all of humanity. He also says that introducing common uniforms for girls and boys is unnatural and will challenge a person’s mental and biological identity. Another major Salafist faction, the Markazudawa wing of the KNM, has also decided to strongly oppose gender-neutral initiatives across the state. On Thursday, Wisdom Islamic Organisation, another major Mujahedeen-Salafist splinter group, also spoke out against gender clubs in educational institutions, alleging gender clubs are part of an agenda to “enforce the ideology of a minority that wants free sex over the large minority that wants to remain morally viable”.
Recently, a group of people under the banner of the Muslim Coordinating Committee strongly protested when the government higher secondary school, Balussery in Kozhikode, introduced the gender-neutral uniform.
The Muslim Students Federation (MSF), affiliated to the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), was also among the protesters.
AI Majeed, state secretary general of KNM, said the organization will go so far as to oppose gender clubs and non-gender initiatives, including common uniforms for girls and boys in colleges and schools. schools. “We cannot be silent spectators. We will strongly oppose it, he said.
A statement released by TK Asharf, secretary general of the Islamic Wisdom Organization, said the proposal to set up gender clubs in schools and colleges can only be seen as a deliberate move aimed at destroying male identities. –women. Gender clubs are pushing the next generation towards gender dysphoria, he said. “The gender-neutral uniform brought to the Balussery School was a test dose of this decision. The authorities opposed the protest against this uniform with the police. Kudumbashree also promotes the same program by distributing mixed male and female posters under the caption ‘Indivisible World’ on campuses,” he said.
We want gender justice, not gender equality. Those who believe in moral values ​​cannot embrace a liberal culture that confuses men and women. Kudumbashrees should not cause family breakdown, he added.
Hussain Madavur, vice president of KNM (Markazudawa), said the organization cannot accept any gender-neutral initiatives, including gender clubs.

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