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Nagpur: An activist filed a petition in the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court arguing for a 50% reservation for men in the 2022 municipal elections. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) cited its failure to consider the activist’s request, citing it as a political issue. to be decided by the government.
Activist Abdul Gafur Pasha had written a letter in June to City Commissioner Radhakrishnan B, informing him that the quota for women exceeded 50% because the remaining seats were not reserved for men and declared “general”, where a person from either sex can contest the election. “The government had decided to reserve 50% of the total seats for women. Therefore, only men should be allowed to compete in the remaining 50%. I want to stand in the next elections. But there is no indication that the remaining 50% of seats are reserved for men, he said.
In the last NMC house, there were 151 corporators, including 81 female corporators and 70 male. Many women competed for general seats and five women won.
Another activist, Janardhan Moon, said the NMC’s apathy leads to gender inequality. “The rule was designed to bring gender equality. It is very simple that the reservation for men is 50% while the rule has been formulated for a reservation of 50% for women. Therefore, the 50% reservation for men should be automatically considered by the civic body,” he said.
In a June 30 response to Pasha’s letter, NMC Deputy Commissioner Nirbhay Jain said, “The 50 percent seats have been reserved for women as per the guidelines of the State Election Commission. There is no provision in the law to reserve 50% of the seats for men only. The question you raise is related to the government. Your application cannot be considered at this level.
Pasha challenged NMC’s refusal to reserve the remaining 50% of seats for men. “The reservation for women is over 50% because they can compete on all 156 seats,” he said.
Pasha prayed in his petition before the HC for the NMC to consider his representation requesting the reservation of 50% of the total seats for men.
The government had introduced a 50% reserve for women in municipal elections in 2012. At that time, the number of female business leaders was 74 while 71 were men out of a total of 145 business leaders. The number of female entrepreneurs increased further in the 2017 municipal elections.
NMC had completed the reservation process for caste and fairer sex on July 29, which was the second in the ongoing process for the upcoming municipal elections. The draft was released on July 30, and suggestions and objections were received until Tuesday.
The civic body received four objections to the reservation of women in Seat C in 12 of the total 52 wards. The final notification will be published on August 5, which will be the last process before the declaration of the code of conduct
* The government has introduced a 50% reserve for women to bring gender equality to local bodies
* It was implemented in the 2012 NMC elections, with 74 women elected against 71 men
* The number of fairer genders increased in the 2017 elections with 81 corporate women and 70 men
* In 2022, 50% of the total 156 seats have been reserved for women, but no such possibility for men
* Women can run from all seats, with the remaining 50% declared general
* Activist calls on NMC to reserve 50% of seats for men
* The NMC rejected the request, so the activist filed a petition with the HC for gender equality


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