Aaron Howard executed by Abilene’s father and son (on garbage) video

On the picture
Pictured Abilene, Texas father and son, John and Michael Miller who shot neighbor Aaron Howard (right) during an argument.

The video shows Abilene, Texas father and son, John and Michael Miller shooting at neighbor Aaron Howard during an argument over litter in the alley. Stand your Ground cited law.

Pictures have been released showing the moments of a Texas father and son executing man over garbage argument.

Video broadcasts Aaron Howard, 37 being shot by his neighbors in West Texas, John miller and the son of man, Michael miller, 31 the morning of September 1.

Abilene Police Department in a press release posted responding to calls of gunfire at around 10:15 a.m., as police arrested the father and son for murder after the neighbor died shortly thereafter in hospital.

According to Howard’s fiancee, Kara box who was present during the confrontation, Aaron and his neighbors began arguing over a mattress that had been left in an alley behind Howard’s house in Abilene.

As the three men argued, Box began filming the next episode (see below) which was handed over to KTXS.

John and Michael Miller use force against Aaron Howard in the “trash” argument:

Pictures show the John and Michael Miller holding guns.

The father has a pistol in his right hand while the son, standing a few yards behind him, holds what appears to be a shotgun.

The two shirtless men hold arms as they engage in a verbal confrontation with Howard.

Howard is heard in the video yelling at the Millers to lower their guns.

‘If you get close to me, I’ll kill you’ John Miller is heard telling Howard.

“Hey, did you hear him say he was going to kill me?” “ Howard tells Box as she films.

‘Yes,’ Answer box.

“I’m in the dumpster” Howard said before turning to the Millers. “Mount the gun and go inside!” “

The argument gets even sharper as both sides make threats against the other reported Abilene Reporter News, as John Miller continues to tell Howard to “Step back”.

Finally, John Miller pulls the trigger on his pistol, although this is not captured on video.

Moments later, her son, Michael Miller, also shoots Howard. This is clearly evident in the pictures.

Just before Howard is shot, Box tries to get between the three men.

“You can see that I stand between them and I said, ‘You are not going to shoot my husband’, ‘ the groom told KTXS-TV.

Box said that John Miller ‘pulled past my head.’

She then ran to her husband in the midst of the chaos. A total of four shots were fired.

“People deserve to know what really happened” Box said when asked why she chose to post video footage.

“They deserve to know that John and Michael Miller are murderers.”

At one point during the round trip, John Miller had claimed he had the right to carry his pistol after being threatened by Howard during their confrontation – using the controversial hold your law to the ground.

Texas law is designed to allow individuals to use lethal force in self-defense as long as the person has the right to be where they are threatened, which usually concerns their own property. Despite legal doctrine, many question the relevance of the abuse of the law as a pretext to unleash blind force by ‘happy trigger’ shooters.

Gunshot death of Aaron Howard Abilene: at what cost to bear arms?

James Hicks, Taylor County District Attorney only learned of the existence of the video from KTXS-TV.

“Video evidence like this is always graphic and very difficult to watch” he said in a statement.

“But that’s consistent with the accusations. “

When asked what message she had for John and Michael Miller, Box replied: “You deserve to spend your life in prison. “

Box has since left the home of his late fiancee.

John and Michael Miller were released on $ 25,000 bail.

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