3 former administrators sue U of Montana for gender discrimination



Three former administrators and a current faculty member have filed a lawsuit against the University of Montana, accusing it of sex discrimination, the Associated Press reported. The women say the university is run like a “good old boys club” and specifically pointed to President Seth Bodnar, who they say has created a campus where women have been belittled. Bodner arrived at college in 2018, having worked as an executive at General Electric Company, taught economics at West Point, and served in the U.S. Army Special Forces Group.

One of the women, Catherine Cole, also started in 2018 as the university’s vice president of enrollment management and strategic communications. She was making $ 170,000 a year when she started – the lowest salary among the university’s vice presidents, according to the court record. While in college, Cole said Bodnar “continually micromanages, tweaks and modifies his goals and tasks and sets unreasonable expectations,” according to the lawsuit. He also commented on her demeanor and physical appearance, telling her she was in a bad mood at times, asking her to smile, criticizing her tone of voice and commenting on her weight. She left college in 2020, due to the “unprofessional toxicity and discrimination” she faced.

The University and University of Montana system issued a statement denying the allegations.


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